The Best Type Of Meditation

What Is The Best Type Of Meditation

In this stressful world, the best type of meditation is the right way of relaxing oneself and also gaining heightened awareness. It saves our sense of getting dull. Moreover, it has the potential of offering several health advantages apart from being a stress buster.

Mental health professionals, spiritual leaders, and educators have come up with different varieties of meditation. As such, there is one form to suit many individuals, regardless of their lifestyles and personalities. The various ways of this practice have been enumerated below:

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Loving-Kindness – Best Type Of Meditation

This is one type that majorly suits almost all kinds of individuals. It is also called Metta meditation. The main objective of this form is cultivating an attitude of kindness and love towards everything. It also encompasses the stress sources and the enemies of the practitioner. It involves deep breathing while opening one’s mind to receive loving-kindness. Here the key is repeating messages several times until the practitioners feel a kind of love and kindness. This form is perfect for promoting love and compassion for the practitioners and also for the others.

Progressive Relaxation Or Body Scan

It encourages practitioners to scan their entire bodies and also look for an area of stress and tension. Here the main objective is identifying and releasing tension. The practitioners start from one part of their body while incorporating the entire body slowly. It also involves pressurizing and calming the muscles.

This form helps in promoting feelings of relaxation and calmness. It can even help in pain management. Since it relaxes the human body slowly and steadily, it can also be beneficial for sleep-deprived individuals.

Mindfulness Contemplation

This form urges the practitioners to be fully aware of the moment and to be there in the moment. In other words, the practitioners need to be aware of their existing surroundings instead of dreading their future or regretting their past. It is one form of meditation that can easily be practiced almost anywhere.

Breathing awareness is an integral part of this form. Here the practitioners need to concentrate on their breathing procedure. It helps in reducing negative emotions, improving focus and also memory, and in lessening emotional reactions and impulsiveness. 

Breath Awareness Reflection

It is one form of mindful contemplation working towards encouraging mindful breathing. In this form, practitioners are required to breathe deeply and slowly. They need to count their breaths or in other words, closely focus on their breaths. The main objective served by this kind of meditation is ignoring stressful thoughts while keeping the mind clear for positive thoughts and feelings.

Kundalini Yoga – Best Type Of Meditation

It is one form of meditation that incorporates a lot of physical movements along with mantras and also deep breathing. There are specialized teachers available to help practitioners. However, the practitioners also have the flexibility of undertaking classes of Kundalini Yoga.

The mantras and the poses can even be mastered at home with good practice and training sessions. This form helps in improving physical strength while reducing chronic pain at the same time. It can also be beneficial for the mental health of an individual as it reduces depression and anxiety.

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