What Are Some Good Meditation Jewelry Accessories

meditation jewelry accessories

Meditation jewelry is more than just the regular trinkets that we keep in our meditation sessions. These may be pretty normal like the crystals and stones, but we should not stop there. We can actually embellish our meditation tools with beautiful trinkets that help us relax and reach a deeper sense of peace with the universe. We can also try adding beautiful chandeliers or crystals to our meditation tools. Here are some meditation jewelry accessories ideas that we can incorporate into our daily rituals.

First and foremost, we have the meditation beads. These are little beads that we can hang on our meditation tools, necklaces or bracelets to enhance the overall effect of our routine meditation sessions. There are so many types and styles of meditation beads that it would almost be impossible for us to explain them all, but we can tell you that there are a few styles that we love and prefer.

Bamboo Bracelet

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One of these is the Bamboo bracelet. These bracelets come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They are all made from bamboo, which is what the tree of life is made from. Because it is such a versatile material, these are perfect for meditation because the smooth surface of the beads allows us to focus. The texture also allows us to feel a bit of the rhythm of the breathing as we move our arms in slow movements.

Another style that we like is the square bamboo bracelet. These are also called the praying bracelets. We made this bracelet with simple white Buddhist meditation beads, but you can use any color beads you like. It looks great as a necklace, pendant or ring. To make sure that you have a comfortable fit, you can put the bracelet on your wrist and wear it around your neck for a while, or you can put it in your drawstring pouch.

Bead Necklace

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Next, we have the moss green bead necklace. This is also made with simple white Buddhist meditation beads, but this one has a nice quality of fog. Fog is said to help you clear your mind and body. With a little help from this necklace, you can imagine that you are meditating under a mist, or in a green forest. It is relaxing and it looks good too!

If you want to get some more meditation jewelry, you should start with these three. You can combine them to create your own unique style. You may want to buy several different ones to give yourself a little variety or to match a special dress for when you go out of town.

Tips For All

It is important to remember that the most important purpose of meditation jewelry accessories is not only to set your meditation style, but also to help you relax. You will find that your concentration and attention span will be greatly enhanced if you use your accessories to calm your mind. Meditation is an art that can be enjoyed by everyone. There is no specific mantra or teaching involved. The only thing you need to do is pay attention to your surroundings and think about yourself and how you feel at the moment.


When buying meditation jewelry, try to look for natural colors that reflect light, such as green, white, and cream. They also make a nice contrast with each other, so you can use one to draw attention to the other or to stay away from them. A good example would be to wear white while you are in meditation, and then put on the green necklace. Of course, if you want, you can always wear any color that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. That is why meditation jewelry accessories are important and well chosen; they help you become even more at peace with yourself.

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