3 Amazing Ways Of Meditating

Ways of meditating

There are different ways of meditating. Meditation is a practice that, when one master it, can carry it out on their own and very quickly. Several ways of meditation aim at satisfying different needs. It is therefore known to relieve people off pain, stress, anxiety and even enhancing sleeping habits. Meditation is being practiced by people of different ages, gender, and even culture. It is a healthy practice that has uncountable benefits. Many people in the world experience stress daily because of their jobs and the experiences they go through every day. Stress has affected the performance of employees at work, students at school and has affected the well- being of people. When one meditates, one can live moment-to-moment awareness of specific activities. This allows your mind and body to enter into a relaxing mode that helps you forget about your stress.

3 Amazing Ways Of Meditating
3 Amazing Ways Of Meditating

Different Ways To Meditate

Meditation and contemplation are headed by introductory practices. One needs to have sense restraint and the right efforts to meditate effectively. Sense restraints entail one being able to control their body bodily desires and not allowing lust and aversion to getting in their way. They should be able to avoid such things that bring negative energy in their minds and that weigh them down. Right efforts aid in the prevention of any unpleasant rising state and generate pleasant states. 

Achieve Mindfulness with Different Ways Of Meditating

Mindfulness Meditation is a way of meditating where the most crucial aspect of being achieved is mindfulness which means being able to feel and remember. There are four foundations for mindfulness which include the body, feelings, the mind, and phenomena such as the five hindrances and seven factors of enlightenment. One has to take account of these foundations during mindfulness meditation.

Practice Meditation Breathing

Mindfulness of breathing is a significant way of meditation. This is because it is the most used form of meditation for thinking about bodily phenomena. It entails concentrating on one’s breathing. This is how it is done; find a quiet place and sit comfortably, then take in some deep breaths and then focus on your body to relax it. Think of your body shape and weight. Think of how the air caresses your body as it blows by. Focus your mind on the way you are breathing in and out. Breathe naturally. Allow your mind to notice how you feel when breathing in and out. During these focusing sessions, your mind will drift off. Realize that without fighting it, and bring your thoughts back to your breathing. Do this for about five minutes, bringing your mind back whenever it wanders.

Sound And Mindfulness Meditation

3 Amazing Ways Of Meditating
3 Amazing Ways Of Meditating

This way of meditation uses sounds to initiate focus and concentration rather than the participant paying attention to the breathing. The sound is not used as the therapy to help one focus; preferably, it helps the mind come back to meditation once it wanders off. One pays concentration to the sound to find a relaxing spot to achieve peace. 

Gong Bathing Ways Of Meditating

This way of meditating is done when one is fully clothed. It is a very peaceful and relaxing experience where sound waves help you get the perfect relaxation. It does not involve any bathing. To practice this meditation, one lies down and covers their body with a blanket. Eyes remain close to avoid any distractions and then gong sounds if played for an hour can help one relax. The blanket here is to prevent the body temperatures from changing, and the more one gets comfortable, the more relaxing he gets. 

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