Using Morning Breathing Meditation To Cleanse Your Mind

morning breathing meditation

Morning breathing meditation is any type of mindful meditation or self-control practice you do at the beginning of your day to get yourself started. There’s no right or wrong way to perform a morning breathing meditation, though the core concept is you devote time to quiet introspection. In this post, I’ll share some morning breathing exercises to get you started. There’s a lot to be said for starting out gently and building momentum for the day ahead. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

An Overview

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Some beginning morning breathing meditation will focus on belly breathing exercises first. The goal is to become aware of how your breath enters and leaves your body and become mindful of the mental and physical sensations arising from the action of breathing. You can use any technique you prefer, though many people find that the calm belly breathing exercises taught in Mastering Breath Meditation courses by Desiree Widmann are particularly helpful. For a less guided, less formal style of meditation practice, recordings from The Secret recorded by Joe Barry are also available.

An important part of morning affirmations is to be sure to say them with sincerity and with an open heart. This is a time for listening to your inner voice – your inner child – and it’s very hard to argue with what’s really true. That said, don’t just repeat a negative thought or statement; try to incorporate a positive thought into the mix as well. This is another way to become more aware of your internal chatter and to correct it when necessary.

Morning Breathing Meditation Facts

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Next, as you gently bring your awareness to the breath, focus on releasing tension in the shoulders, chest, and arms. To do this, simply breathe deeply and count as you let the tension slip away. If you need help with learning how to close your eyes and bring your awareness to the breath, you can find guided meditation instructions for it in my other articles.

One final tip: Meditation is best done with others. Having your own practice can put you out of sync with the rest of your environment, and may cause you to feel uncomfortable or distracted. For this reason, I always get started with morning meditation exercises alone, even if I usually have friends over for breakfast. It helps me to pay closer attention to my practice and to really get into the practice itself. In fact, I almost never meditate with anyone but myself anymore.

One of the ways how to get started feeling less stressed is to take long and deep breaths. This simple act has a wonderful effect on the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to helping you feel less stressed, taking long and deep breaths can also help relieve anxiety. Try taking deep breaths before you think about anything, and throughout the day.

When I started meditating with my partner, we chose to use a writing system, which we practiced by writing positive affirmations in the morning, and then recording our thoughts and feelings about them in a journal at night. We also wrote short poem-like affirmations about each affirmation in our journal. Writing positive affirmations can be very effective because they are like little mini-adjectives that describe something about your life. You can use “I love myself” or “I am happy” or “I am healthy” to describe your feeling about a specific aspect of your life. You can also write “I am thankful” or “I am excited” or “I feel relaxed”. The important thing is that when you write something, you are forcing yourself to look at it in a new way.

In The End

Now that we have used this brief guide to journaling, you can start practicing your own morning routine by journaling about your breath before you go to sleep, or after you wake up. Keep in mind that the best kind of meditation is one where you are not using any spoken words, but instead just observe your breath. This is the kind of meditation that will bring the most insight and clarity to your life. So be sure to incorporate morning routine meditation into your daily routine.

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