Using A Meditation App Each Day May Improve Your Memory And Attention

Mindfulness Meditation As A Buddhist Meditation

Meditation app can help you increase your memory. It can also help in handling stress better and practicing calm. Further, it lets you train your mind to focus and concentrate well. With enough practice, you can master the art of drowning out the noise and being more attentive. That will, in turn, increase your memory capacity and the ability to retain things. It can help in a better understanding and handling of tensions in these times. Let us look at how meditation apps can help you improve the health of your brain.

Using A Meditation App Each Day May Improve Your Memory And Attention
Using A Meditation App Each Day May Improve Your Memory And Attention

Meditation App To Improve Your Attention

Our mind contains a lot of thoughts such as past, imagination, plan, and various emotional effects, etc., accumulated over an extensive period since childhood. Some are in deep unconscious mind; some are in sub-conscious, rest in conscious. The conscious thought is what we see in front and act accordingly. Meditation practice is usually divided into guided type; the other one is a non-guided type.

Guided type leads you to step by step through a pre-recorded voice. Here, you do not have to do anything from your memory. You are required to follow, whatever is speaks out, step by step. The advantage is that your thought process ceases to arise. Finally, you reach a thoughtless state.

For a beginner, it is the right way of getting into a meditation practice. With Transcendental Meditation, using a timer is advised against, as TM is about letting your attention wander effortlessly inward and involves a cycle of attention wandering inward and then outward again. Listening-for or even worrying about whether or not you set the timer is considered more disruptive to that cycle than simply occasionally checking your watch

The most marketed apps like calm are excellent, offering a decent collection of meditations and the daily ones. However, being a practitioner for over three years, I find the most valuable reflections the longer ones. The reason for this is because if you want to make a change in your life, you cannot make it with 10 minutes meditations. Why? Because there is not enough time to get into the relaxed state where your analytical mind takes a pause, and where you can make a change.

Using A Meditation App Each Day May Improve Your Memory And Attention
Using A Meditation App Each Day May Improve Your Memory And Attention

Apps And Their Necessity

MindT – Meditation & Sleep Aid is an excellent iOS app which has a rich collection of guided meditations. It combines anxiety & stress, hypno-birthing, substance abuse & addiction, teenage issues, self-esteem, and confidence, self-help and personal development, phobias and fears, insomnia, bedtime stories for kids, and much more. The best thing about this app is that it contains lots of meditations which are 20–50 minutes long. And in my opinion, these are the meditations that matter and help you achieve the goals you need. Using this app with consistency will help you prime your subconscious mind negative patterns and find the path you need.

Black Lotus is another app available for both Android and iOS. The app can help you grow in meditation with ease, provided one is consistent and knows how to meditate correctly.

However, many believe that meditation does not require anything additional. We have everything we need. Anything added to mediation will make it something other than mediation. Meditation is about dropping the mental activity, so adding something brings the mind back in which changes your meditation into something else.

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