Undertone Series – Creating a Vibrant Kitchen

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When you wear Mindful Gray clothing, your whole appearance is heightened, creating the appearance of being more aware of yourself and the world around you. When you choose Mindful Gray jewelry, you are affirming your own sense of well-being and affording yourself the ability to live a life of purpose. Whether you are stepping out for a walk in the park or shopping at the mall, Mindful Gray apparel and accessories will ensure that you look your best while feeling your best.

If you are seeking a sophisticated palette for dining room and kitchen wear, you should consider the harmonious pairing of brownish/gray and white. With this harmonious color combination, your attire will project a warm undertone, creating a welcoming environment for everyone who enters your home.

Mindful Gray drapes, such as the ones found in the Sherwin Williams collections, give you the ability to extend the warm undertone even further by framing your windows with billowy white drapery. In the dining room, you can dress up your dining room table with a muted gray tablecloth. The same is true for your kitchen window coverings, which can be highlighted with a black tablecloth and accentuated with brown-washed geometric glassware and ceramics.

Warm Earth Tones

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While it is true that the entire Mindful Gray line focuses on warm earth tones, there are a few variations from style to style that give you a chance to really let your personality shine through. For instance, one example of a Mindful Gray design is the Striking Gold Dinner Table with Rattan Underlay. This particular design uses a striking gold underlay along with a generous stripe of vivid, striking colors running throughout the table’s fabric. This style is perfect for a modern kitchen with a Mediterranean feel, since the vibrant color palette will pop against any neutral color schemes.

In keeping with the theme of welcoming warmth, there is another piece from the Mindful Gray line that features the perfectly balanced hue of chocolate and terracotta. The Striking Golden Dining Table, completed with a striking dark green undertone and a series of black-and-white checkerboard stripes, is perfect for either a modern-themed kitchen or a traditional Tuscan room. If you like a more antique look, the Striking Golden Dining Table with Oakled Furniture is also very beautiful. Just like the gold dinner table, this design uses a rich chocolate color scheme and is finished with a deep green undertone.

Mindful Gray Accessories

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As mentioned above, another great way to accessorize your kitchen with Mindful Gray accessories is to use a darker shade of that favorite color for your walls. One option is the Striking Charcoal Wall, finished in a rich charcoal gray with a deep, layered texture.

This dramatic wall accent instantly lends an air of energy to any room, especially one with a bar. Another option is the Striking Ecru Wall, which is accented with deep black and white checkers made opaque by the use of decorative foil. Ecru is another popular choice for darker painted walls, as it gives a similar warm feel but is also a bit cooler to the touch.

Glasses, Vases, And Other Objects

The next step is to complete the look with matching accessories in the form of knick-knacks, plates, glasses, vases, and other objects. While the main accent in any kitchen should be its cabinets and countertops, there are also ample opportunities to add miscellaneous items such as whimsical sculpture art, wooden ceramics, crystal China, and copper pottery to the facing room. These items complement the dark colors on the walls and ceilings, lending the impression of a bigger space.

To ensure that the room achieves the perfect balance of undertones and light, be sure to use the correct color of paint. When using off-white undertones, keep in mind that your accessories should be just as muted, so that they don’t take away from the dramatic effect. On the other hand, a true blue room will only work if you choose a warm gray color to compliment it. Gray and warm gray both work best to give a more opulent effect.

Final Words

If you prefer a more subtle undertone to Undertone series, consider using natural wood elements like distressed finish on door handles or upholstery. However, if you are looking for something a little bit darker, then the traditional blues and blacks will be a good match. One thing to keep in mind when using traditional beige undertones is that they tend to make small rooms appear even smaller. By painting your walls a deeper shade of gray, you can actually make a small room seem larger than it really is.

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