Meditation Mats: Types Of Meditation Mats


Mostly meditation happens when one is sitting down. Sitting on the cold floor can be uncomfortable thus the need for a meditation mat. When meditating, one needs to be comfortable and feel appealing to the environment around him. Various types of meditation mats have been used to bring that comfort near you.

The mats come in different colors, size, and feel since they are made from different materials. Just like an Olympic runner requires good trainer shoes, so does a daily meditator need a mat to bring the comfort home. With a good mat, you can manage to get through a meditation session comfortably.

When choosing a mat, you need to be mindful so that you pick up a sturdy mat. A meditation mat works perfectly for people with sensitive knees, for it ensures that the knees do not touch the cold floor.

When meditating, one needs to have a good sitting position to focus your brain more easily. Bad sitting posture leads to a spine injury. Most mats come as an addition for use with meditation cushions, though some people use them alone to meditate on. The good mats and cushions can help one attain the best meditation posture and comfort. 

Bad posture can lead to;

  • Pain in the knees and the back, neck, and can also lead to serious spinal injuries
  • Improper breathing that is caused by the diaphragm being compressed
  • Digestion issues due to gut constriction
  • Negative emotions such as nervousness and depression
  • Affected focus due to discomfort, which makes the meditation practice pointless.

Meditation mats for you

Pillow Mat Floor Pad

Triangle Thai Roll Up Mat

Indian Floor Mat Meditation

How to choose a meditation mat

Different people who practice meditation have different needs they need meditation to satisfy. Your height, budget, meditation reason, and space are some of the factors to consider when buying a meditation mat.

Factors to consider when choosing a meditation mat

Defining your need- there are mats for different purposes, and so one should understand what purpose which mat serves instead of running and grabbing the first mat you come across.

An example is when you are buying a mat for Zen meditation. This meditation needs one to kneel. It is therefore important that you get a mat that has a soft feel and is thick enough to bring comfort to the knees during the kneeling. For people who have knee problems, you might be forced to buy a mat and some support cushions for the knees.

Space- this entails the room where you will be placing your mat. Does the mat fit the room’s decoration? One of the things that create a good meditation atmosphere is a beautiful room. Some people have even bought statues for their room. It is therefore important to consider your room color when buying a meditation mat so that it fits with your color scheme.

Meditation posture-this is a very nice criterion to use for choosing a mat. Some meditation needs a person to buy both the mat and cushion; others need the mats while others need the cushion. An example is when practicing Shavasana meditation. It is done while one is lying down. The best mat for use here is the Yoga mat for it provides you with the basic support for your whole body. One can add a yoga blanket for extra comfort under the knees. 

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