4 Different Types Of Buddhist Meditation

Meditation is the most practiced technique in the Buddhism tradition. Most of the popular techniques have their roots in Buddhism. In the Buddhist culture, there are so may schools that all have different meditation techniques. This was caused by the propagation of various types of Buddhist meditation that happened in the 6th century BC, after the ancient times of Buddha. As a result, the Buddhism tradition became popular far and wide into different lands, it assimilated some of the characteristics and spiritual practices of the land it where it was implanted.

Different Types Of Buddhist Meditation Techniques

4 Different Types Of Buddhist Meditation
4 Different Types Of Buddhist Meditation

The Buddhist meditation techniques owe their existence to Buddha’s insights about the nature of life, that result in suffering and happiness. So, you can understand that Buddhism is the guidelines of directing people to live a healthy and constructive life. These Buddhist meditation techniques now have garnered worldwide fame.

Ways & Types Of Buddhist Meditation

There are so many types of Buddhist meditation. And, you must know about the most talk about techniques like Tibetan visualization practices, Vipassana, Zen, Nichiren, Pure Land, among others. Buddhist culture has some very important beliefs. Meditatorshere, focus on themselves thoughtfully. This contemplation is part of the meditation session.

1. Shamatha (Mindfulness Meditation)

This is a well –known meditation practice that deals with developing composure, transparency and composure. When you are committed to this practice, you can gain a deep inner peace. So, Shamatha when practised with Vipassana results in intense comprehensions and spiritual awakening. It is non-denominational and therefore can be anyone. Its steps are those of any meditation where you focus on your breathing and sensations of your body.

2. Metta Meditation

There are different types of Metta meditation. For you to practice Metta, you have to practice Samatha first for it gets your mind ready and settled. In one of the forms of Metta meditation, you start by directing wishes for our goodness and well-being. This is followed by wishing well upon those we love and those who we see as equals. You then wish for goodness upon your enemy. This makes your love to flow equally to all the people around you regardless of your feelings towards them.

This meditation also involves the use of Mantra. Because it entails love, the Mantra also depicts thesame line of thought: “May my love for myself and others flow freely.” After a few repetitions of this Mantra, sit in quiet and feel our awareness for a while.

3. Contemplative Meditation 

4 Different Types Of Buddhist Meditation
4 Different Types Of Buddhist Meditation

Contemplative Meditation entails four thoughts

  • Choosing to invest your energy in an activity that leads to the development of wisdom and compassion for others.
  • Failing to waste time since you do not know how long you will be alive since your whole existence depends on your breathing.
  • Noticing the inter-dependency that exists between things and beings in this world. this helps you realize that your actions have a great impact on the earth that you may never know.
  • · Realize that we will not die with our material wealth. This gives you a reason to indulge yourself in activities that give you more wisdom and knowledge.

4. Guided Meditation

Here, you get yourself a coach to guide you through your meditation session which leads to increased concentration during the practice.

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