Top 5 YouTube Mindful Meditation Experts

youtube mindful meditation

In modern days, you can find expert’s coaching virtually on any topic from drawing to video games to make up. So, why not mindful meditation? The viewers can better their mental and physical health by following for free the youtube videos for mindful meditation.

Though it is paradoxical that to achieve mental and spiritual peace, we are driving towards the internet, the rate of views proves how successful these online videos of meditation are for the overall wellness of us. If online fitness content and ASMRare the ways to reduce your anxiety or Alzheimer’s rate or decrease the rate of heart disease, then here we have mentioned five experts on mindful meditations that will help you reach your goals.

Michael Sealy and Joanne D’Amico

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Michael Sealy has been trained and certified in hypnotherapy from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia. He creates videos that we need to listen to while meditating. The beginning of all the videos starts with a disclaimer not to watch these during handling machinery, driving, or when you’re on the subway to your home. Because, although the videos are not heavy sleep-inducing, they are very relaxing. Some of the videos are even made for hypnosis.

If you follow meditation videos in diverse forms like ASMR or mindful guided meditation then you can check out the channel of Joanne D’Amico. While she creates ASMR videos with a positive message and healing affirmation, she makes conventional meditation youTube videos too. She is a massage therapist and a non-practicing registered nurse.

The Honest Guy and Yellow Brick Cinema

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In addition to the regular relaxation videos and sleep meditation edits, the Honest Guys also have a series of videos where we will watch unicorns in the forest. These videos are called fantasy meditations that are meant to send you from this world to the world of magic while you destress. Though their channel started as a talk show of different self-help and books, it transformed into something completely distinctive. With the help of their writer, they create fantasy meditation videos that are immersive and calming to many viewers.

The channel named Yellow Brick Cinema rather than focussing on actual mediation, they have a tremendous collection of relaxation music. To keep your mind focused on your work or slight daze to nine hours of sleep, they have background music of every kind. You can personalize your meditation experience by listening to these music meditations and watch no-sound meditations altogether.


The YouTube channel named Headspace short edits that learn the meditative world of mindfulness, meditations, music for restless sleep. You would be guided by a former Buddhist monk and co-founder of this channel Andy Puddicome.

If you are new to the world of meditation and want to explore more, then this channel is the right choice for you. Even if you are short on time, they have so many options that you’ll find at least one thing to try.


In today’s busy world, being calm and composed is hard work. You have to put in some work. That’s why we have mentioned these five experts to ease your journey to the world of mindful meditation.

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