The Holistic Healer’s Guide To The 04 Signs of a Health Imbalance

Holistic Healers Guide

In holistic medicine, it is believed that a person’s health depends on the balance of 04 key factors: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When one or more of these factors becomes out of balance, the holistic healer may be needed to restore harmony in body and mind. A healer can help you identify which factor is causing your imbalance by asking questions about how you feel physically (headache? sore throat?), mentally (depressed? anxious?) emotionally (sad? angry?), and spiritually (empty?). 

What is holistic healing

holistic healing is an approach to health care, where all aspects of the human body are considered in the treatment. In medicine, proper nutrition and a lifestyle are equally important as herbal remedies or massage.

Holistic Healer's

04 signs of a health imbalance

There are many holistic healing approaches. The healer’s approach is different from other healing approaches because it focuses on 04 signs that can give you insight into what is going on with your health. These signs are:

Sign 1

Holistic Healer's

A healer who doesn’t know his holistic signs.

Subtle Signs: Healers who don’t know their signs or reflect on them.

In-depth analysis: Introspection is important, but healing isn’t about how you answer the question of “why” it’s about “what”. When holistic healers know the holistic signs, they have a perspective on health. They are thinkers who use reasoning to assess your health and come up with solutions.

Sign 2

A  healer who doesn’t know how you feel emotionally.

What it means: A  healer who does not consider how you feel about a health problem can’t understand healing or health issues.

In-depth analysis: The healer’s holistic perspective is about holistic healing. They look beyond the physical to try to understand how you feel emotionally about the healthcare problem. It doesn’t matter what your answer is; it matters that they are thinking outside of the physical.

A healer who knows how you feel emotionally can help with your emotional issues or problems between you and other people in your life about the holistic problem.

Sign 3

A holistic healer who doesn’t know what makes you tick

What it means: Emotional intelligence is an important aspect of holistic healing; it is part of healing.

The healer’s thought process has to be about you and how your emotional state affects your overall health and happiness in the long run.

A good healer will understand things like goals, values, dreams, and wants. They will try to help you achieve what you want out of life by helping you figure out how to be happy.

Sign 4

A healer who doesn’t want to know what is important to you or how they can help you achieve it may just be trying to kick start your health.

What it means: The ideal healer will try and find out what makes you tick by asking questions about your life; they may also ask you about your goals.

In-depth analysis: Your goals, values, dreams and wants are also part of the perspective in healing. A good healer will try to connect with you on a deeper level about what makes you tick because they want to use that information to give you solutions.

They are not just trying to kick start your health; they are trying to get into the root of why you are sick in the first place, or how something could have happened.


The holistic healer’s guide to the 04 signs of a health imbalance. The holistic approach to healing is about all aspects of the human body and mind. It doesn’t matter how you feel physically, emotionally, or spiritually; it matters that your thoughts are balanced and holistic (5 Signs).

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