Teaching Yoga And Guided Meditation

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The Mindful Guided Meditation, otherwise known as the MGH or The Fourth Channel, is an innovative guided meditation methodology developed by Billurally speaking, it is a non-competitive meditation technique which utilizes guided imagery and sound healing to facilitate personal development and balance. As of the moment, this unique meditation technique is in its early stages of development and use. This innovative approach to meditation combines yoga along with meditation in a systematic way, harnessing the beneficial aspects of both yoga and meditation. It is primarily a tool to promote spiritual growth, but it is by no means limited to this purpose alone. It may also be employed for stress management. Billurally speaking, it is a revolutionary tool which enables you to access the power of your mind through hypnosis-an age old practice which is now accessible to everyone.


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Through guided meditation, you are able to de-stress, relax and enjoy your day-to-day activities, even when surrounded by chaos and distractions. This holistic guide meditation can be effectively applied at home, workplace or on-the-go. Billurally speaking, you can use it to help you achieve a state of calmness or revitalization while either gently bringing yourself to a relaxed state or quickly and deeply reducing stress. For example, if you want to relive your pain, just gently bring yourself to a point where you are no longer in discomfort and distress.

The Mindful Guided Meditation can be used to help you experience and benefit from the following benefits: – To be able to relax your mind, body and soul. – To cultivate a highly effective communication with your inner-self and other consciousness and a higher self. – To improve and enrich your creativity and imagination. – To enhance and balance your health and life. – To achieve higher levels of concentration and clarity of mind.

Different And Unique

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The Mindful Guided Meditation is not like any other form of guided mediation, that is why it is different and unique. Unlike conventional teaching yoga, Mindful Guided Meditation does not teach you what to do but how to do it. This type of meditation is much more in-depth than the traditional yoga since it teaches the student how to control his mind, focus and emotions. The primary focus is to relax, but the ultimate goal is to transform your mind, body and spirit.

As you progress in your practice, you will learn many different aspects of the technique such as: – How to identify and focus on your breathing. – How to bring yourself fully into the present moment. – The use of bodily awareness in the process of guided meditation. – How to safely walk meditation.

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is one of the more difficult aspects of mindful yoga. You have to keep control of yourself and avoid straying away from your mindful guide. Most people who practice yoga eventually teach walking meditation since it is easier than other techniques. Walking meditation is similar to traditional yoga in the sense that both require breathing control. But unlike yoga, walking meditation requires a certain amount of physical strength and can be challenging for some beginners.

Final Words

While there are many forms of yoga meditation, guided meditation is among the most useful. There are many schools of thought when it comes to teaching yoga and guided meditation. Some people view yoga meditation as a form of worship. That’s why some classes are designed for people who want to participate in a spiritual activity, which may not involve yoga. For those who are trying to learn yoga for healing purposes, a good program will introduce you to mindful meditation techniques and introduce you to the calming power of yoga.

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