types of meditation

Meditation Crystal

Meditation is a very important practice for our body; body and soul for it aids in relaxation and also ridding us of all the adverse energy. The use of meditation crystal develops one’s mediation as well as allowing one to achieve a particular result in the long run. The dictionary definition of a crystal is […]

Meditation For Ascension

Meditation for Ascension, main goals are enlightenment, self-realization, and Nirvana. It is the core goal as to why people meditate. It is believed that ascension is the highest level of thinking that exists in human beings.  Ascension can create a permanent relation between the divine and a human’s higher self. Ascension meditation gives one the […]

Meditation For Levitation

From the dictionary, levitation can be defined as the process in which a body or object is able to float in the air without any mechanical or physical support. It is scientifically explained to be accomplished through an upward force that opposes the force of gravity.  Meditation for levitation does not involve floating in liquids […]

Meditation For Chi

Chi is a concept of meditation that comes from Chinese medicine. It is life energy that is alleged to be in everyone and everywhere all over the world. Chi meditation can also be called the tai chi meditation which is also called the mediation in motion. It is an easy type of meditation that can […]

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is one that inspires the trainee to keep track of his drifting thoughts as they wander in his mind. Meditation is aimed at ensuring that the trainee is aware of such thoughts as they arise and not to be tangled with the thoughts or to review it. One is able to know and […]

Meditation General Information: Types Of Meditation

Meditation, through various types of meditation is that process of deep thinking and focusing one’s mind to something for a period of time. Meditation fulfills several reasons and done in silence or through chanting. In this century,one uses meditation as a way of managing stress. Scientifically, it is a method of fighting heart disease and […]

4 Different Types Of Buddhist Meditation

Buddhism tradition spread far and wide into different lands, it assimilated some of the characteristics and spiritual practices of the land it where it was implanted.

How To Meditate

Meditation For Beginners Meditations is a way of stress relieve through keeping mind calmness despite the stress level one encounters in their routine lives. It involves training of the mind on how to meditate or focus and understand different life scenarios thus reaching a higher level of self-awareness and inner calmness. This is an ancient […]

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