Stress Relief Meditation

Stress relief meditation

I am going, being honest with you today. You are never going to rid yourself of stress. Pursuing such a goal will infuriate you more. What matters is how you are going to deal with the stress relief meditation which is your only hope. You should learn how to control yourself through stress relief meditation to keep other activities in your life to running as they should. Most people do not know how to handle stress. 

When stressed, some people get mad at everyone, which affects their social life at that time. Others go into depression and suffer from mental issues because they could not deal with what was stressing them in the right way. Meditation is a stress therapy where it relieves you of the stress and also helps you in finding peace within yourself hence coming up with ways on how to deal with the stress. 

Studies done on people who experienced the same type of a stressing situation was carried out. The results showed that people who meditated had better handled their stress than those who did not meditate. It can, therefore, be confirmed that meditation helps one to have a mental resilience towards stress and enables one to manage their reactions to stress. So, instead of complaining and telling people how frustrated you are, try to meditate, and this will change your life for good. After all, complaining is not going to help you in any way.

How to meditate to relieve yourself of stress

first steps

Get a comfortable position. You could sit on a bench, chair, or even on the floor. What matters here is that your back should be upright to avoid backache and spine injuries. Being in a comfortable position will take you through your meditation without any struggle and hence will be able to maintain your focus.

Close your eyes-stare at an object a distance away from you and slowly close your eyes. Keep your mouth slightly opened. This will ensure that all your facial muscles are relaxed. This is where you should relax your body. In case you feel the tension in any part of your body, take deep breaths and allow them to relax you.

Clear your head- this is the part of meditation that requires most practice and can be frustrating at times. What is needed of you here is to keep your mind clear of any thoughts that come into the mind? It is not an easy thing to do and so do not be discouraged when you cannot get rid of all the thoughts in your head. Notice the thoughts and try to keep it away mentally.

Final steps

Keep going-keep, letting go of any thoughts that come to your mind. The quiet time between the thoughts will increase and be more frequent with time for as long as you practice. Meditation is a practice, and it will take time before you can do it perfectly. Just give it time.

Ensure that you set goals as to why you are meditating, in this case, letting go of stress and relaxing your mind to give you clarity on how to react to stress. Practice meditation from a small duration, and you will grow to longer sessions with time as you become acquainted with the practice.

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