Sleep is as important as food and water are in the human body. It is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep reenergizes us and prepares us for a new day. After a tiresome day, everyone looks forward to a warm bath and a good sleep. Healthy sleeping is all about the quality of sleep you have had and not the quantity. For one to sleep well, the body and mind need to be relaxed. Sleep meditation helps the one settle the mind which makes the body to be relaxed which leads to a restful night.

Meditation trains our minds to focus on the present and not on the thoughts that are in our heads. It is normal for the mind to be caught up in thoughts and especially during bedtime. That is when the worries and anxieties of the day come running in our brains. That is when the brain decides to think of the future, and what needs to do and how of a failure one is because of not making any accomplishments in life so far. 

Sleep meditation is a specific and guided experience that offers a person with a natural sleep assist that allows one to let go of the happenings of the day and rest the mind and the body. Scientifically, meditation, through the nervous system, lowers the heartbeat rate and the breathing rate, which in turn increases the view of a quality night’s sleep. Most people do not, however, value sleep. Generally, people should sleep for 7-9 hours per night, but most people do lesser hours.

What keeps people awake at night?

There are reasons as to why you cannot find sleep at night. Most of the time, you go to bed, and just when you close your eyes to sleep, a thousand thoughts come running into your mind. This does not mean that you did not have them; it is only that you are now not distracted hence can recognize your thoughts. Technology is one of the main causes of sleep-related problems. Studies have shown that the more one uses a device in a day, the more difficulty they will have in finding sleep.

Benefits of sleep meditation

Good sleep translates to good health. Lack of sleep can cause one to suffer from short and long term memory loss, leads to lower decision making rate and reduced attention.

Increased output levels at work. People who sleep well can go on their daily work routine and give good results at the end of the day

There are lower stress levels and increased mental clarity. Good sleep promotes better eating habits and weight maintenance.

Why meditate before bed?

This is good for people suffering from Insomnia. Meditation has improved the quality of sleep for people who suffer from sleep deficiency — meditating for sleep assists one to sleep more soundly and faster.

How to meditate for sleep

Lie on your bed and take a few deep breaths as you close your eyes. This allows the body to start slowing down. Think of how the mattress below makes your body feels. Now think of one part of the body like the toes and think of switching it off for the day. Do this to all parts of your body. Imagine a scene that puts your mind in a state of hypnosis. You will fall asleep even before you realize it.

Other meditation forms include reviewing your day’s achievements, silence, and movement-based practices.

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