Meditation For Insomnia

Insomnia is the lack of sleep. It is an uninvited guest that seems to never want to leave. Sleep is very important in the body of a human being. It enables one to relax the body and mind. When sleeping, the body metabolism is also low and this is when the mind takes its time to organize all the thoughts. Sleep rejuvenates the human body. There are so many people who spend sleepless nights for weeks due to the lack of sleep but meditation for insomnia can be a remedy.

Chronic Insomnia is lack of sleep that lasts to even 3 months according to the National Sleep Foundation. This disease can lead to a change of moods, lack of energy and the zeal to live a new day. It also makes one dread bedtime every single day. This led people to come up with several meditations for insomnia that will get one sleeping in no time.

Meditation For Insomnia

Types of meditation for Insomnia

Cognitive shuffling

This is like an upgrade of counting sheep. There is an app that can be used to do this called mySleepButton but it can also be done app free. This is how this works.

Get to bed and randomly think of a word that has five letters at least. Continuously spell the number selected in your mind. Then for each letter, think of a word that begins with that letter. Continue finding words for each letter until you cannot think of any more words. Start thinking of a scene for each word an example being a book. Think of where books are read, in school. See students going into class. Before you do all the above steps, you will have drifted off to dreamland.

Sa Ta Na Ma (Mantra)

Mantra increases one chance of sleeping. In case of experiencing Insomnia, try chanting the Mantra Sa Ta Na Ma, where its spiritual meaning is:

Saa =Infinity (the totality of the cosmos)

Taa= Life (birth of a form from the infinity)

Naa=  Death

Maa= Rebirth.

The five sound from the mantra assists in the balancing of the brain’s hemisphere. The main cause of insomnia is imbalance in the brain caused by brainwaves. This mantra helps in regulating and soothing your brain hence sleep.

I am calm, I am the light mantra

This was stolen from lady Gaga. It was also suggested and approved by website Yogi which came up with the mantra: My Mind is Calm and My Body is relaxed. This mantra reminds people that their bodies are relaxed and that they should not live in their anxieties. It tells them that their bodies are relaxed and light enough to float off to dreamland.

Meditation For Insomnia

Meditation entails bringing the mind and the body together and focusing on that. A relaxed mind and body are very important for one to fall asleep. Mantras are known to be very effective for meditation and so makes a lot more sense that they are effective in making people fall asleep.

There are other forms of meditation that help one sleep such as Mindfulness Meditation Body Scan and talking yourself to sleep.

With the above meditation practices, say bye to staring at the ceiling as you listen to music through your earphones for the better part of the night!

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