Reason For Meditation: Meditation For Self-Esteem

Mediation for self-esteem is becoming more popular by the day due to its increased efficiency in solving a lot of issues. It relieves people of stress, gaining concentration, healing pain and even ensuring a good night sleep. Most people think that for one to meditate effectively, they must be in a sitting position, which is not the case. People can now meditate in motion. But it is better when done when one is relaxed and comfortable.

Reason For Meditation: Meditation For Self-Esteem
Reason For Meditation: Meditation For Self-Esteem

Reasons For Meditation

Different people meditate for different reasons which could be for relaxing, attaining awareness and even for increased self-esteem. There is a meditation for self-esteem that one can do for 10 minutes. You can get a video from YouTube to guide you through focusing on yourself.

Meditation is releasing the grip we have on our logic of might sound scary, but when broken down, it makes a lot of sense. It is always hard for a person to live with themselves when all they keep hearing in their heads is that they are not good enough. This will with time, affect them and become a part of them. They see it real and spend a lot of time thinking of how unworthy they are.  Imagine now going through the same experience but this time around, you know and understand that it is only passing and that there is no way you can be associated with the same thought. This is what meditation does and can help you overcome low self-esteem.

How Meditating For self-esteem works                       

When you are feeling afraid and scared because you are about to present something in front of an audience, instead of getting lost in what you are feeling, realize that you are scared and let it go. When you think of how of a disappointment you have been in your work or class lately, see that clearly and let go of it instead of grasping it and holding on to it. This will only hurt you and bring your spirits down. There is a difference between undergoing something and becoming something, perceiving fear and being overawed by fear.

Reason For Meditation: Meditation For Self-Esteem
Reason For Meditation: Meditation For Self-Esteem

Applying this approach to all the factors of your life can have a very reflective effect in the experiences we undergo in life. We will experience all the emotions and situations as human beings for as long as we may live. Mastering how to overcome them and not to allow them to affect our lives and bring us down is all that matters. So instead of living in the shell, we can express our true selves since we are not controlled by anything but are free.

How To Overcome Low-Self Esteem

Low self-esteem is sometimes caused by over-identification when we give the thought of us not being good enough too much importance than it deserves and approaches that in a very poor manner. Instead of seeing yourself beautiful, you see yourself very ugly and not good enough. It is the same thought though oriented the other way.

To overcome self-esteem, we need to let go of the judgmental bit of the brain. Treat your mind and yourself as the mind and body of someone that you love and cherish. Be more loving and kind to your mind and body, dedicate some of your time to be with you. Be more forgiving to yourself. Fall in Love with yourself. It is worth engaging meditation for self-esteem.

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