Proven Benefits Of Meditation – Can Meditation Help Us May Help Reduce Stress And Anxiety

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The benefits of meditation are well known and accepted, but is there really a proven benefit for high blood pressure patients to do meditation? It would be very surprising if there was no benefit at all. Medically, the biggest problem with hypertension is the stress it causes. Stress is a common trigger to both stressful conditions, so by meditating, the blood pressure can be reduced, not only for the short term but in the long term too.

Meditation Can Change The Functioning Of The Brain

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In one study conducted in Japan, medical scientists examined the effect of meditation on a group of stroke survivors that had no family history of heart disease. Those in the meditation course actually showed a significant reduction in their blood pressure, just by doing the activity! This study is important because it proves that self-awareness can change the functioning of the brain, even in people that do not have it yet. And the proof comes from a simple self-awareness meditation course which involves the brain using its own form of reasoning.

In a related story, one participant said that her high blood pressure was caused by an unpleasant experience. So, she took part in a guided meditation course. During the course, she heard a short meditation quote saying that suffering is a way of learning. The quote was a big motivating factor for her to start doing more of the breathing and relaxation techniques that she found intriguing. She has been feeling much better and feels prepared to talk about her condition with her doctor.

Meditation Lower The Stress Level – Proven Benefits Of Meditation

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Another participant had a hard time getting into a calm state. She was a recovering addict and was drinking alcohol to calm her nerves and relieve stress. After learning more about meditation and its relation to alcohol dependency, she decided that she was ready to make a life change and attend a guided meditation course. Her recovery is ongoing, but she is learning how to use meditation to lower her stress levels and improve her moods.

A person who has suffered from chronic pain will find some relief from the pain associated with the condition through regular practice of meditation. Pain varies from person to person. There is no way that anyone can know exactly why someone has pain. Some people have to deal with serious injuries while others may only have to deal with back pain. No matter what type of pain you are dealing with, meditation can often be used to calm the body and put you in a state of calmness.

It Helps To Observe The Present Moment

When you attend a meditation class, there will be a pre-recorded introduction to the art of meditation and then an explanation as to why people attend the classes. The instructor will explain that through meditation, we learn to let go of any expectation based on the current situation. What this really means is that we learn not to react to something based on what we think will happen. We just observe the present moment. As the instructor says, by simply observing the present moment, you can then decide whether or not to indulge in a related story.

For example, if you are feeling tense about the fact that your neighbor is aggressively driving into your street on a daily basis, you can observe the present moment and decide not to engage in a related story. If you don’t like what you are seeing in the video that was recorded by the police car, you can choose not to listen to it. By merely choosing not to, you have control of your mind. As part of the meditation exercise, you will also be introduced to the Dr. Touroni method. According to the method, we must first be able to bring ourselves to a state of awareness before engaging in any thought or story.


This may sound like a complicated meditation, but actually, all you need to do is close your eyes and focus on your breathing. It is an easy way to bring yourself back to the present moment. According to the results of many scientific studies, brainwaves can be detected through the beta, theta, the alpha and the gamma waves. Through daily practice, brainwave entertainment can help us to fight against stress and anxiety and improve our mood, energy level and cognitive ability.

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