Proper Meditation Breathing – Know How To Breathe Properly

proper meditation breathing

Mindfulness meditation helps in cultivating peace and awareness, but all the beginners often get sidetracked as they worry about breath. Beginners get confused as they search for the right way to breathe while they try meditation. Understanding Proper meditation breathing is necessary for beginners to perform meditation the right way. Some of the common concerns of beginners include- ‘Should I breathe as I do breathe on normal days?’ ‘Should I exhale and inhale from the nose or the mouth?’ ‘Should the air I inhale fill my lungs or my belly?

Many meditation experts recommend that you should allow your body to breathe in a natural way. Suppose your breathing pattern is shallow, and let your breathing pattern be shallow. If it is deep, then let your breathing pattern be deep. Some experts recommend the beginners take deep breaths while they start doing meditation breathing. This is an optional exercise while you start meditating, which will help you in clearing the mind and will always keep you grounded and focussed.

Proper Meditation Breathing Asks You To Breathe Naturally

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If you want to practice proper meditation breathing, then you need to look out for a spot that is away from day-to-day distractions. If you want to spare some private time for meditation, then make sure that you inform your parents and friends that you need some alone time. It is crucial for you to search for a comfortable position to start doing proper meditation breathing. The natural meditation position is sitting, and you can opt to sit on a chair, bench, or meditation cushion s long as you keep your back straight.

You can either close your eyes or keep them open depending on your own preference of how you want to perform proper meditation breathing. That it is very easiest for a person to concentrate with your eyes, shut if you are trying to do meditation, but if you opt for keeping the eyes open, then it is the best long strategy. When you practice meditation, you may work on accepting everything around you as it even includes your perceptions along with the sounds and sides. But if you close your eyes while you are trying to meditation breathing, then it will create an artificial sense for you that you in a different world or you are in a dream-like state.

At the initial time, you can easily close your eyes to find the appropriate focus and to reduce the distractions around you but the time, keep your eyes open as it will support you and will deep in your perspective of understanding your mind.


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It will take some time for you to feel settled in the process of meditation. Try breathing deeply with your nose for around three seconds and hold the breath in for the next two seconds. After this, exhale the inhaled breathing for at least four seconds with your mouth. Repeat this process a couple of times. Also, if the nasal passages of your nose are clear, then you should try proper meditation breathing only to your nose. The mouth should be kept close, or it should be slightly open. Allow your body, mind, and breath as they are if you are trying to maintain awareness during meditation.

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