Meditation Bell Tingsha Cymbals

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The Meditation Bell Tingsha Cymbals produces a clear and resonant sound
It is connected together by a durable leather strap for easy carrying
It has an embossed design of the Buddhist Six-Memoir symbols
Material: Metal/ Weight: 172g
Bell Height: 2.3cm/ Diameter: 6.5cm
Package Contents:
1 x Meditation Bell Tingsha Cymbals


Meditation Bell Tingsha Cymbals

Meditate the correct way with this Meditation Bell Tingsha Cymbals! It’s ideal for activities like yoga and relaxation routines! For most people, meditation is an activity that’s not good for the body but also for the soul. Like exercising, it needs certain tools and equipment to be successful too. While gym activities need heavy equipment like dumbbells, it relies on the sense of hearing. That’s why a meditation bell is necessary to set the mood for relaxation.

Clear and Resonant Sound

One of the main advantages of this bell is that it produces a clear and resonant sound. This feature is very important because one inaccuracy in the sound can be distracting. Relaxing and getting into the meditation mode is a long process that requires a lot of concentration. Aside from the sound, this bell also produces mild vibrations that create a relaxing effect to users from the inside. There are other types of meditation bells such as the gong. But the problem with those is that the striking instrument is separate from gong itself. Because of this, it can get lost and you can no longer produce good quality sound. The advantage of these cymbals is that they are connected together by a thin leather strap. This way, you can carry and store it with convenience without the risk of losing the other piece.

Why You Should Buy It

What makes these cymbals unique is that it has embossed designs of the lucky Buddhist symbols. People usually ring the cymbals before and after every meditation session. It is of high-quality metal and it features intricate details. With this, it will make a good home decoration or a collector’s item. Finally, it is durable. It is also ideal for both professional and home use.


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