Overcoming Anxiety: A Guided Meditation

Overcoming Anxiety: A Guided Meditation

Anxiety can’t make an uneasy feeling or fear over something. Anxiety starts with physiological signs. With anxiety, low self-esteem follows. Also, it comes as a result of unresolved emotional toxicity.

Overcoming Anxiety: A Guided Meditation
Overcoming Anxiety: A Guided Meditation

Few Basic Causes Of Anxiety:

  • One major cause is the thought of rent. Like how am I going to clear my rent?
  • Another cause of anxiety is the worry over retirement. Like what happens when I can’t afford retirement?
  • Also, thoughts on health create anxiety. The most recurring idea is, How have I been feeling well.
  • Another constant worry is how much time do I have left? 

Few Measures From Anxiety:

A few measures taken can help you reduce anxiety. Few steps towards better 

  • One way to prevent yourself is by applying for the job you always wanted
  • Another step is refraining yourself from a toxic relationship. 
  • You can also make new relationships. This helps to lower your anxiety
  • Also, make yourself socially available. So try to attend social gatherings with friends

Everyday Anxieties Include:

You tend to experience anxiety daily. They can be in the form of:

  • Firstly your concerns revolve around future
  • Secondly the political scenario of the world
  • The most common worry is about being not good enough (or doing enough)
  • You upcoming work and deadlines
  • Another major everyday cause is traffic
  • Another worrisome reason is on health and well-being issues
  • For many, it the concern regarding employees
  • The constant conflict between things of any sort
  • And at times, you are left with uncertain vibes.
  • Another everyday cause is job interviews and fear of rejection
  • Lastly your conflict over finances
Overcoming Anxiety: A Guided Meditation
Overcoming Anxiety: A Guided Meditation

10 Guided Meditation Steps On Overcoming Anxiety:

  1. Firstly on the guided medication, you need to do is sit and close your eyes.
  2. Begin a connection with your breath. Make each inhale and exhale slow and deliberate.
  3. Next, move along with your body direction. This direction leads to insight into your course to your future. Some of you imagine it to the front of you, while others believe that this idea is somewhere between left or right. 
  4. The next step in guided medication is hold of your mind. Here, you imagine in your account. .You believe that you float up above your timeline. 
  5. Use your mind to float out into the future. Do this for about 15 minutes. After being successful and having completed, stop there. This process helps you overcome the thought you were anxious about
  6. Then, turn and look back. Look at the mark that shows “Now” on your timeline.
  7. Ask yourself this repeating question, “Where is the anxiety?.” Your answer lies within you.
  8. Now, you float back. You move towards the “Now” caption. Then move down towards “Now.” Just open your eyes and look at the caption.
  9. Now, all you do is a test. This is to make sure that your fear releases. After this recollect you’re the causes of your anxiety. So, you are now free of stress. 
  10. Lastly, it is a note to remember. If you fell, the fear is not released, repeat it. Start the process again from step 5.
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