Origin Of Meditation- History Of The Practice Of Meditation.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that an individual carry out by use of some techniques which can be mindfulness or focusing all the concentration. The attention is focuses towards a particular aspect to clear the mind in attaining attention and self-awareness and to be emotionally stable and calm. It is mostly aim at reducing stress and anxiety, relieving pain, making the mind to be more settled and calm and in increasing peace. In this article we will learn much about meditation history.

Origin Of Meditation- History Of The Practice Of Meditation.

People And Meditation

Many people are not conversant to meditation history due to the education systems in their countries. As many are the time that we get to learn more of the physical and external thing and the world at large. The education systems do not allow one to be taught in finding their inner beings. Therefore we remain to be strangers to our inner selves yet we are trying to know and understand others. This is why many people find it more difficult to be in a successful relationship and end up in confusion and disappointments. Only a little portion of the mind is at work through these education systems.

Meditation History: WHERE DID MEDITATION COME FROM?     

Meditation history aims at bringing a positive change into people’s lives to help them cope better with anger, disappointments, and anxiety. According to studies, meditation is an English word that came from a Latin word meditatum which means to ponder. The exact origin of mediation has been traced but the results do not well tell when people started meditating. However, some records of meditation practice were traced to have started like a thousand years ago.

Meditation Originwas approximated to be of 1500 years BCE (Before Common Era) before the birth of the modern civilization. The different Techniques of Meditation did make it difficult to trace its origin. Is it meditation mindfulness? Could it be contemplation? Is meditation a communion or ids it a chanting activity? The question about how old meditation can be is very complex than you might think of. People did speculate that the practice might be as old as humanity itself.


In India, some of the old written records showed that meditation stared around 100 BCE. Most peopel did refer the meditation to the Dhyana or Jhana which meant training the mind. The records majorly came from the Hindu traditions of Vedantism that discussed various practices of meditation across the ancient Indian people.

In China, history did find that early techniques of meditation were traced from 3rd and 6th century BC.  It did connect to an ancient philosopher Laozi where he used different words to describe these meditation techniques.

Origin Of Meditation- History Of The Practice Of Meditation.


Basically, there exist different types of religions in the world. In addition, many of these religions offer the same essential practices to people. Moreover, the major religions in the world are Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. In general, many people, in the modern time, meditate for different religious reasons. Archaeologists did find out the history of meditation; in religion, meditation started as early as 5000 BCE . It has its ties in the ancient Egypt (that is the Judaism )and in China (that is the Buddhism and Hinduism). It then started to spread to other parts of the world in the 6th century. In the 18th century, some techniques of meditation did start into western Christianity then into other parts of Christianity.

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