OM Meditation Technique

Ever wished to conquer all the anxiety and fear feeling in the body? Worry no more as regular meditation can help you cope with this feeling. Om is sound that was produced from the vibrations of cosmic energy. There are things in this world that cannot be seen by our naked eyes but they can be sensed by the brain. Om meditation is independent such that it does not need any other object to make the sound. The thing that we see and do have Om as it exists in everything. Chanting of the Om can really up to one’s game in achieving peace at mind and soul.

OM Meditation Technique


 It is a type of meditation that involves the chanting sound of Om pronounced as the ‘Aum’ sound. To make it a success breathe and sound must be combined together. It starts by selecting a quiet environment free from distraction from the surrounding. If one is not able to sit down on the ground you can make use of mediation chair or bench. Select the best comfortable posture that is relaxing.

Then place your hands on top of the knees if you are seated on the chair and on thighs if you are seated on the ground. Keep your eyes closed to avoid any distractions from the surrounding. Then breathe naturally and do not control the breathing pattern. Make sure the mouth is closed too and the air goes in and comes out through the nose. Relax both upper and lower jaws and avoid them from touching one another. Pay attention as you inhale then exhale.

While breathing fix in the Om chant and fit it on the breathing and try not to breathe to the chant. The chant is split down to A-A-U-U-M sound followed by a short silence then repeating it again. Continue with the breathing accompanied by Om chanting and let if to flow naturally. When you do this a number of times you will feel relaxed. Chanting can involve listening to internal sounds created by the internal vibrations.

OM Meditation Technique


Meditation will gradually give you peace and calmness as you continue chanting. It is a better way to bring you closer to your right inner self.  This kind of meditation will make one be open-minded and react to any situation without any judgment as the thoughts are allowed to flow out of the mind without paying any attention to them or judging any of them. With the right posture, the spine can be healed and be improved to adapt to being in one position without getting to tire.

By clearing the mind and making it relax, the level of creativity will improve and hence make one be a good decision-maker. It opens up the mind to positive thinking and takes it away from negative thinking. This makes easy for one to think quickly the way out of any situation they may in. This makes a person to have better control of emotions and feelings making them relieve themselves from stress and anxiety better than people who don’t.

Lastly it balances hormones in the body as the brain controls the production of hormones. A mind that calm is able to produce all the essential hormones that the body needs.

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