Musical Instruments Used In Meditation-MEDITATION BOWL

Musical Instruments Used In Meditation: Meditation Bowl

The Meditation Bowl also known as the singing or standing bell. It is a bowl-shaped object that one plays by striking with a wooden striker. It has a support where you place it and one rotates it on the rim while striking it. This leads to the production of a constant music. The Buddhists use them in their meditation sessions. Through striking and rotating the bowl, there is production of music which aids in the relaxation of the mind.

Musical Instruments Used In Meditation: Meditation Bowl
Musical Instruments Used In Meditation: Meditation Bowl

Types Of operations

In the field of music, place these bowls under the group of bells. To allow them to vibrate as you expect, place the larger bowls on a cushion while holding the smaller ones by the hand. When you play them by striking, the sound it produces is a struck idio phone. Other bells operate as friction idio phone whereby you rotate a wooden striker around the outside of the bowl producing unceasing vibrations from the bowl. The volume of the sound depends on how fast or slow you rotate the rod. Increased volume means that the rod has to be rotated faster.

Vibrations Behaviors                   

The vibration behavior of the bowl has been studied widely. Under friction-induced puja excitation, an experiment carried out showed that the bowl shows both sweeping and divergent motion, in parallel steady and unsteady modes. The unsteady mode causes walloping that one can always overhear. The research was also performed using the alternation induced by loudspeakers. The bowl behavior was also investigated when the bowl was partly filled with water and how that affected the sound produced, how the bowl sound is affected by different temperatures that the bowl is subjected to.

As earlier stated, these bells were first used by the Buddhists in their mantra chanting and meditation. You strike the Bowl to mark the different stages of the prayers by the Buddhists. The Buddhists also use them in the family prayers held in the houses. It is important to note that the Buddhists do not use the bowl for singing purposes. The temples in China and Japan have and use these Bowls for their religious practices.

Use In Music: Meditation Bowl

Singing bowls were introduced in the West in the year 1970. They did originate from bronze and the striking stick did originate from iron. They have been in use in classical music and in theaters.

Musical Instruments Used In Meditation: Meditation Bowl
Musical Instruments Used In Meditation: Meditation Bowl

Spirituality And Healing: Meditation Bowl

Meditation Tibetan Singing Bowl 4.5 Inch For Yoga And Spiritual Healing Buddhism

One can use these bowls as a substitute medicine in the West in the current Era. It has become so popular owing to the cymatics, as to that Physician Hans Jenny did use in the 19th century. They are also in use in sound therapy. There are people who believe that sound works on the ‘Chakras’ which are points in the subtle bodies which are in use for meditation and therefore use these bowls for that.

It is true that the current bowl did originate from the bowls used for eating.

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