Mindful Meditation Exercises You Should Try At Home – Know More

mindful meditation exercises

Your brain is your key competitive advantage. With the rise of automation, things like physical power and coordination are becoming less dominant. However, the demand for skilled talent continues to grow. Your brain has a life of its own. For example, brain scans have shown that our brain makes decisions seconds before becoming aware of them. Most of the time, we do not think through our decisions. Your thoughts are there so you can explain to yourself why the decision you made is ok. Discussed below are some mindful meditation exercises that will help you enhance your awareness and become more mindful.

Specific Object Meditation

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You will have to keep your eyes open for this meditation. Start by choosing an object. It can be anything- a flower, a picture, an interesting design, or maybe a candle, anything that touches your fancy. It should be the right size so you can observe it easily. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing for some minutes to get eased. When you are ready, open your eyes and observe the object that you chose. Notice different lights and shadows falling on the object. Notice the texture; is it smooth, bumpy, or silky? Imagine how it would feel to the touch. Make no judgments about the object. You’re simply an observer. Continue as long as you wish. Ten minutes is a good time. These kinds of mindful meditation exercises are enormously helpful in preventing your focus from wandering.

Body Scan Meditation – Mindful Meditation Exercises

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This is one of those mindful meditation exercises that is useful in releasing tension at the end of a day and helping you fall asleep easily. Tension can frequently settle in specific areas of the body, such as shoulders, bringing in aches, and fatigue. Sit or lay anywhere you are comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe in and out for 5 minutes for getting relaxed. Shift your focus to your body as you breathe, focusing on different body parts. Start with your toes and feet; move to the ankles and up the legs. Move your awareness past your hips to your torso. Notice your arms, hands, and fingers. Slowly bringing attention to your shoulders, neck, face, and skull. As you notice any tension, breathe into it, and then exhale. This will draw attention to trouble spots and will help you to relax.

Counting Mindful Meditation Exercises

As with other meditations, sit comfortably and practice the basic breathing for five minutes to relax. Take a deep breath and inhale. Wait for a second while counting out the number 1 in your mind. Take another deep breath and inhale. Wait and count out the number two. Continue doing this until you have counted to number 10. Repeat this counting process by starting with the number 9 and going backward to 1. If you perform these kinds of mindful meditation exercises, it will help you in keeping your brain healthy.


So much is going on around us all times, yet most of the time, we move through the day on autopilot. These mindful meditation exercises are designed to strengthen your mind. In the same way, push-ups are meant to strengthen your body. They are all fun and will make your day enjoyable and alive.

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