In most sports, there are daily practices or a guideline that leads one on how to practice and exercise their body in preparation for a competition. Likewise, meditation has a wheel that is a tool that leads one through their has been used for so many years to expand peoples’ consciousness. It has helped people develop their interpersonal skills. It is a set of few steps that are very easy to learn and follow daily. It is a visual symbol of how the human brain operates.

The central part of the wheel represents the experience of been attentive, and the outer part of the wheel represents the known, the present moment, like me writing this paper now. It was developed to help people learn how to balance their lives by incorporating the skill of consciousness. This is made possible by one being able to differentiate between the different arrays of the known on the outer part of the wheel from the knowledge of awareness in the center of the wheel.

A person can learn how to separate the different parts of their consciousness by being able to connect the known on the rim of the wheel with the knowledge in the center of the wheel through the moving of the spoke. It is through the separation and connection of the known on the wheel rim and the center of the wheel that one can incorporate consciousness.


Buddhist prayer wheel

Buddhist mantra

The wheel meditation practice

Every meditation session starts with breathing so that one can get ready for the exercise ahead and also focus their mind on the meditation. Let your mind stop focusing on your breathing and focus it on your senses; touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste, which are found in the first segment of the wheel’s rim.

Take in a deep breath as you focus on your inner body signals as you move the spoke to the second segment of the rim, which represents the internal signals. Allow yourself to experience the feelings each part of your body is feeling, moving from one part of the body to the next systematically.

The third segment contains your mental activities. Allow any mental activity that you might be having now into alertness; be it thoughts or memory. Then, allow anything into your consciousness and focus on how your mental activities arise, focus on them, and then let go. Allow yourself to see how your how long it takes for an activity to be replaced by another.

Allow yourself to be aware of your consciousness. This is found in the center of the wheel. This can be done by you visualizing the movement of the spoke around the wheel and how it remains hooked on the center of the wheel.

The last segment on the rim of the wheel entails exploring our interpersonal skills and connection to the world at large. You can begin by thinking of how you relate with your loved ones and in your society. Recognize how people in the world are connected.

Cultivating good intents brings positive effects in our lives and those of the people around us. You can chant a Mantra of your liking in your mind. This is a very nice way of ending a wheel practice.

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