Music is the vocal sounds or sound of instruments that are combined to bring harmony and express emotions. The harmony of music does not only give us pleasure but also affords us other important services. Music lifts drooping spirits and souls, clears our minds of stress, endorses laughter and smoothen the wrinkled brows. Music changes the facial expression on peoples’ faces. It is the most pleasant thing on earth that resides in the hearts of humanity.

Sound has been used in therapy to heal people of different issues. It has been used for so many years. The ancient times used mystical instruments to cure diseases and revive the dying spirits. Life exists as vibrating atoms. Different vibrations produce different frequencies.

When an instrument produces a sound, the vibration goes to the body through the ears and influences the person on a cellular level. This means that you can experience a calm state of mind and body energy by simply listening to music or by playing a certain musical instrument. This, in turn, leads to more balance, mentally, emotionally and physically, reduces anxiety and stress hence increasing creativity and it also leads to improved quality of sleep and increased concentration. Sound healing therapy is one of the most available, yet the cheapest form of therapy that people can use.


Most people view wind chimes as pretty decorations that they can hang in their resting lounges and gardens, but they are instruments that one can use for healing. When the wind blows over the chimes, they bombard each other producing such serene sound that soothes the mind and hearts of people. The modern chimes also come in different colors and shape. Others shine in the dark and hence can be hanged in the bedroom. They are rain-proof and so can be hanged on the open. Chimes are very portable, and hence one can travel with them. They change colors in the dark and just looking at the colored lights change, it enough therapy for your mind. They are very interesting gifts that you can bless someone with.


These bowls were used in all Asia in the 12th century, and now, they are used all over the world. In modern times, they are used in holy places for worship ceremonies, meditation and sound healing therapy.

These bowls are of high quality. They are a wonderful handcraft. They are very easy to play and produce such good sounds that are used for sound healing therapy. The vibrations produced help in enhancing a relaxed meditation state and creativity. They come in a reasonable size and therefore can be carried from one place to another without much effort. They are also hand-inspected and tested to make sure that they produce good sound quality.


In the Christian bible, when King Saul was under the attack of evil spirits, David, the son of Jesse was called and was instructed to play the Harp for the King, and when he did that, the Evil spirits would leave the King. Harps have been used as sound healing instruments for the longest time. They come in different sizes, and therefore one can get the one that suits them.

There are so many other instruments that can be used in meditation to bring healing and lift the dying spirits.

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