Meditation In The Dark

Meditation in the dark has its original origin in the Buddhism tradition. In the West, meditation has been seen as a resting and relaxing technique which is not what it is in the spiritual setting. In the Buddhism tradition, meditation is practiced to keep the spiritual body awake. These practices are powerful techniques that were created over 100 years ago. They reveal to us who we are and how we are connected to others.

Meditation In The Dark

History of Meditating in the Dark

The traditional Buddhist meditation has its way of reaching into our minds and brings into awareness our darkest and painful past experiences. This works best for a person who is meditating for enlightenment but not for a person seeking a way to get rid of stress in their lives. Darkness meditation is a form of meditation that is aimed at connecting you to a sense of your life and origin. It is aimed at reducing a person’s fear of darkness and the unknown. There are stories that are going around that it is not safe for one to meditate in the dark for one may end up coming into contact with ‘evil spirits.’

How to practice darkness meditation: Meditation In The Dark         

Meditating in the dark is not bad, well, unless you are afraid of the dark. It is a good thing for one to meditate in the dark for it stimulates your pineal and pituitary glands. It is written that monks in ancient times used to meditate in total darkness in pursuit of clarity and knowledge. Meditating in the dark reduces headaches, eases tension and awakens the other senses in the body. There are two types of meditation in the dark; one is meditating while sitting in total darkness and the other one is being in a deprivation tank that is filled with water and placed in a dark place. This tank is known to give the meditator a deeper mind exploration as it turns off all the other senses by floating you in the darkened water.

Meditation In The Dark

How to Fight Your Fears With Meditating in the Dark

Meditating in the dark may dig up some of your fears and insecurities, but hey, that is the beautiful thing about meditation. It enables you to face your fears and insecurities head-on instead of letting you keep your fears buried, only to arise whenever they are triggered a little. We are in charge of every part of our body and therefore can control our bodies, though we allow the mind to keep leading us with all the memories of the past painful experiences. There is nothing like getting attack by evil spirits. It is always our ego playing tricks on us.

Advanced Meditation in the Dark

There is proper meditation in the dark that is in practice in Thailand where one secludes oneself in a dark room for a period of up to 15 days. It aims at seeking enlightenment. You, however, need to be careful because this is a serious kind of meditation in the dark and if you are not familiar with fasting(going for days without food) or have a health problem, this is not the right meditation in the dark for you.

Always carry a flashlight with you when you are meditating in the dark to avoid stepping on something and tripping off.

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