Best Meditation In The Bible

The bible is the guidebook for Christian meditation. It tells them what God expects of them and what is right or wrong. The bible gives them hope when all hope seems to be lost. It shows them how to give thanks and how to behave when faced with temptations. For Christians to involve themselves in any activity, they always refer to the bible.

Meditation is no different. For any Christian to involve himself in meditation, they have to see what the bible says in regards to the is their holy book and explains to them what God thinks of different practices.

The word meditate has been used 23 times in the whole bible, and 19 times in the book of Psalms. When the Bible talks of meditation, it simply talks about obedience.

Best Meditation In The Bible

Christian Meditation: Meditation In The Bible

This is a form of prayer where Christians try to understand and think upon the revelations of God.  Christian meditation entails focusing your attention on a specific message or passage in the Bible and reflecting on their meaning in line with God’s love.

The Eastern and Western Christianity has classified meditation as the third stage of prayer and they both emphasize on the use of meditation in Christianity as a factor in increased Christ knowledge. Its purpose is to improve one’s relationship with God based on agape love which marks communion in the Christian fraternity.

The Role Of The Holy Spirit In Meditation

Western Christianity believes that the Holy Spirit plays a very important role in Christian meditation. He assists Christians in understanding the deeper meaning of God’s word. When a Christian begins to meditate, the Holy Spirit enters the soul of the Christian and directs the person in the study and understanding of God.

Best Meditation In The Bible

Charles Spurgeon in the 19th Century stated that Christians (and especially preachers) should not be worried about how they are going to give the word of God to the audience, but should just meditate on the word and let the Holy Spirit lead you in giving the message.

Difference Between Christian Meditation And Other Forms Of Meditation

Christian meditation is different from any other form of meditation. This is because, like other meditation focus on not involving the mind, Christian meditation purposes on filling the mind with thoughts from passages from the Bible.

It also focuses on understanding God the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the most- high God, while other meditations, such as the Indian ones focus on Krishna and Brahman.

Christian meditation aims at filling the person with the Word of God hence better understanding of God, while other forms of meditation aim at reducing stress and relaxing the body and mind.

There is a similarity observed between Christian meditation and other forms whereby, for both to take place effectively, there is the need for one to be attentive or rather focused and in a quiet place.

How Should Christians Meditate?

The very first thing a Christians needs to do is to place themselves in God’s presence and ask that the Holy Spirit guides them into Prayer, just as they are instructed in the bible that in moments of weakness, they should call upon the Holy Spirit.

Conclusion: Meditation In The Bible

Then focus on a certain passage and study it as the Holy Spirit leads.  Then come to a conclusion based on the feeling inside them. Conclude with a Word of prayer as you thank God and ask for God’s sufficient Grace to lead you in following the conclusion reached.

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