Meditation in Religions- Meditation In Islam For Relaxation

Meditation In Islam For Relaxation

Everyone in the world goes through hard times in our lives. Without taking time to relax and think about our life, then we would never recover from some of the hard times we go through. Meditation in Islam is very important in everyone’s life. Without it, people may end up losing very important aspects of their lives for we would follow what the hard times have put us through, instead of allowing Allah to lead us through.

Meditation has been known as the most successful Islamic lifestyle.  They recognize that there is no one else to be worshipped other than Allah. They believe in His word that it has been sent to them for their own benefit. The word from Allah guides them through their lives. No one is able to achieve this in the Islamic culture without contemplating, reflecting, concentrating and involving the mind.

Meditation In Islam For Relaxation
Meditation In Islam For Relaxation

Allah And Meditation

Allah’s Prophet was well known for his practice of meditation. He received the Qur’anic revelation during one of his meditation session on the cave in Mount Hira where he used to go for meditation. Worshippers need to have the presence of their hearts and minds when worshipping in order to benefit from their prayers.

Meditation In Islam

In Islam, meditation is defined as developing the presence of the body, mind and the heart in worship and religious contemplation. It is a very crucial practice in the spiritual growth of the worshipper. Jihad Akbar which is the fight within one to avoid the temptation of making the wrong choices cannot happen fully unless one meditates.

Prayers In Islam

During Salat and Du’a which is prayer in Muslim, the worshipper should concentrate and meditate on Allah through reciting the Qur’an which the Muslims Holy Book and praying. Meditation, as one prays, and recites the Quran is supposed to strengthen the relationship that that person shares with Allah. One is able to keep internal peace and the person is guided by Allah despite the challenges they might be going through.

Praying provides a worshipper with the remembrance of Allah as they start a new day and allows His truth and word to guide you through the day. Meditation does not only offer spiritual benefit but also worldly benefits where, when one has meditated and feels rejuvenated, is able to find solutions to difficult problems he or the people around him might be going through. There are many forms and styles of meditation which are all aimed at achieving different outcomes.

Meditation In Islam For Relaxation
Meditation In Islam For Relaxation

Styles Of Meditation In Islam

Contemplation in the Islamic religion is done through reciting a few lines from the Qur’an and thinking about the passage. Ensure that you understand the message passed across in that passage read. Act in relation to what you understood

Another way Muslims meditate is through Visualization. This entails imagining Allah or other spiritual beings while directing the focus on Allah.  An example is imagining Allah sending an angel to save you from a bad situation that you were going through Give thanks to Him for the creation and allow yourself to feel His love.

When sensation is synchronized with visualizing during meditation, the practice is very effective. There are different ways of carrying out sensation which includes checking in and conscious breathing. Performing these sensation meditation helps a person pray with much concentration which leads to spiritual growth.

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