Can You Do Meditation In Bath

Bathrooms are one of the great places to meditate and have visualization and imagination. You can get two things while meditating while taking a bath. The healing power of bath and the power of meditation to achieve a more relaxed state and deeper sense of calmness. Meditation in bath is a popular concept.

Can You Do Meditation In Bath
Can You Do Meditation In Bath

Warm Water And Relaxation

It’s not the warm water that makes you feel relaxed but it is biology. Scientifically when water squelches on the face it generates something called the mammalian diving reflex which makes the body to believe that it’s going under the water making the heart rates to drop quickly hence making you feel calmer. This is a good way to calm down if one was feeling tensed or even anxious about something. It is even made much better by trying out some mindfulness techniques and meditation.

Meditation In Bath

A little meditation in the shower can make one have a great start to the day or even to ease themselves from stress after a hectic workday. Since safety comes first, do not try this kind of meditation if one is feeling drowsy or sleepy.

The meditation process takes place in a series of steps and to start with, control the environment by switching off the mind and maybe lighting up some candles and using a scented shower gel to bring up that good smelling air to keep one focused. The second step is clearing up the mind by closing the eyes and get a minute or so to clear up the mind by letting go off all anxieties and tension and enjoy the warmth from the bathing water.

Start breathing and paying attention to the movement of the chest and feel the air as it moves from the nose down to the lungs. Now control the breathing by taking in air and holding breathe for around five seconds and letting the air out of the lungs slowly. Then start enjoying the moments slowly by allowing yourself to meditate then come back into your room. Keep this action still until you feel that you are ready to get out of the bath.

Body Senses During Meditation In Bath

Bath meditation made more successful by body senses. There are several body sense that is used in this exercise. To start with, sight is very essential. Watch the water as it runs over your skin as pay more attention to the patterns it makes as it runs over your skin. One can also make water ripples and watch them as they grow and disappear.

Can You Do Meditation In Bath
Can You Do Meditation In Bath

The smell is another important sense that is incorporated in this action. This is done by closing the eyes and realizing each and every smell that you can smell and choose one of them and focus on it. Another sense is touch. Think of how you feel on your skin as the water splashes and move down.

Take a moment also and feel your whole body if you are feeling any discomfort on any part of the body like a tensed or tired muscles. The last sense is hearing and sound. Take your time to concentrate on what you can hear. Continue by picking out each of the individual sounds one by one and then select one of the sounds any pay all of your concentration in it.

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