Meditation Gong Bath

Meditation Gong Bath: Must Buy Products

Gong bathing is a fully clothed and very peaceful and relaxing experience. A person achieves relaxation through sound waves. It does not involve any bathing. In simpler terms, it is done when one is lying down. Cover the body with a blanket, with the head on a pillow. The eyes are closed to avoid any distractions. Gong sounds are played for about an hour to help one to relax.

The blanket here is to prevent the body temperatures from changing, and the more one gets comfortable, the more relaxing he gets. Gong bath provides very ample time to for one to relax, distress or even to meditate and enjoy the gong sounds which facilitate relaxation.

Meditation in the gong bath involves the use of unique healing sounds of the gong, which combines the deep sounds that are very calming. People use the bath because the people who practice it, bath in the gong sound waves. The main goal of meditating is for one to have self-awareness and get that non-judgmental appreciation of thoughts. 

Here are some of the best products that will give you a wonderful experience during your gong bath.

Woodstock Chimes – The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Chime, Zenergy – Solo, Silver

This chime is great for your gong bath. Beautifully crafted and comes with lifetime guarantee of the music created with this product.

The sound created with this gong is great for creating positive energy in your home and workplace.

Meditation Gong Bath: Must Buy Products
Meditation Gong Bath: Must Buy Products

Woodstock Chimes WCBHG The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Chime Hanging Gong, Quintet, Black/Bronze

Created with the perfection of the old Asian methods. This thousand-year-old tradition of the Asians have been used in a gong bath. The sound created with this gong is perfect for generating positive energy and abundance.

The chimes made from the bronze and come with the wooden made stick.

This gong can not only be used during your gong bath but can also be used to call the attention of students in classrooms or to call attention of anyone in general

How To Do Gong Bath

Most people choose to lie down on a mat. They also place a pillow under their heads and cover their bodies with a blanket to make the body temperatures stabilize. The ideal meditation practice is in a comfortable posture as possible to make it be a success. If one is new to this exercise an instructor will be needed. The gong sounds are very soft, and the sound intensity is increased gradually to the required level.

The main objective of this exercise is to have a relaxation exercise so the sound volume is low to make meditation possible. Loud volumes may be uncomfortable. The sound from gong changes frequently to avoid monotonous sounds and rhythm from the gong. The meditation works very simple by allowing the sound waves of desired frequency to enter the brain to bring peace, healing, and relaxation to it. 

Mindful Meditation: Gong Bath

Some mindfulness meditation techniques apply the use of sounds to initiate focus and concentration. However, other techniques require the participant to pay attention to breathing.

One does not use the sound as the therapy to help one focus; rather, it makes the mind come back to meditation once it wanders off. this practice needs concentration just like the other meditation . In-gong meditation, one pays concentration to the sound. This helps you to find a relaxing spot to achieve peace. 

Zen Art Brass Feng Shui Desktop Gong by Asian Home

This is a very special type of gong, apart from using it as your traditional gong bath, you can also use it as desktop gong in your office. This gong also inculcates the traditional values of feng shui which brings positivity and success in life.

Using this gong in your daily life will not only reduce the problem of your life but also will give you immense peace and prosperity.

Meditation Gong Bath: Must Buy Products
Meditation Gong Bath: Must Buy Products

Conclusion: Gong Bath

This bath can help one achieve peace by making them relax and liberating emotions. Scientific study shows that hospitals and clinics use gong bath practices. It relieves one from pain and gets rid of all the anxiety and depressions. Coping with stress is also another benefit that one can derive from using this meditation. Gong Bath also gives one better sleeps and that feeling of self-acceptance and also love by society. 

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