Meditation General Information: Types Of Meditation

Meditation, through various types of meditation is that process of deep thinking and focusing one’s mind to something for a period of time. Meditation fulfills several reasons and done in silence or through chanting. In this century,one uses meditation as a way of managing stress. Scientifically, it is a method of fighting heart disease and stress together with anxiety.

Meditation General Information: Types Of Meditation


There exist different types of meditation which are aim at fulfilling different reasons. Scientifically all these types of mediation are all made to have the same goals in changing the lives of people positively for the better. Through all these meditations processes, one is able to gain more restful sleep, having reduced anxieties, lower blood pressure and also realizing and gaining one’s self-love and compassion.

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION                     

 Mindfulness meditation is a process where one tries to be fully present with thoughts. In other terms it refers to being aware of where one is and what he’s doing at that time. Most people prefer doing it in a quiet place, inhale air by filling up their stomachs and exhaling it through the nose and then trying to focus at something or situation.

This kind of meditation, one observes their thoughts and then lets them out without any judgment. This meditation helps in solving the following problems: reducing the fixation on negative emotions, improving the memory, improving relationship satisfaction and lastly improving one’s focus.


Transcendental meditation is where you repeatedly recite a certain word or sound in a specific way. It allows one to inwardly settle to a state of relaxation through gaining of inner peace by use of no effort. you can do this twice in a day with duration of around ten to twenty minutes.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is also called the guided visualization. Here, you create a situation in the mind that helps you relax. You create pictures with the help of guider or trainer who may make use of the body senses to help one in creating these mental pictures.


Generally, in the religions, meditation is very essential as it may sometimes include the elements of prayer in it. In this context, meditation facilitates deeper and more understanding of the divine and the religious message. It helps in self-awareness and self-actualization and the best place to this type of meditation is at your place of worship or maybe at your home and at your safer and quiet place in nature. Also, it is more suitable for people who are in the process of finding spiritual growth.

Meditation General Information: Types Of Meditation


Generally, unlike the other types of meditation which focus and recommends one to be a single position, movement meditation encourages the body to be in motion. Moreover, this mediation is well linked to yoga and martial arts which keeps the body in a state of movement. It is the best choice for people who have health problems of being seated still for long periods of time. And to those who have higher concentration rates while moving as compared to while seated in one place.

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