Meditation For Weight Loss

Having big body has for the longest time been an issue that most people cannot handle because of the health complications and the self-esteem issues that comes with having a big body. This has led people to look for ways to weight loss. moreover, others have ended up suffering from anorexia nervosa which is a  feeding disorder that makes people be obsessed about weight loss.

This leads such people to voluntarily force lack of appetite in order not to eat or cause them regulate their food intake to really small bits that their bodies are affected.There is a better way that people can lose weight without having to put their bodies through such torture of being deprived food.

Meditation For Weight Loss

Meditation And Weight Loss

This is a safe method one can adopt to lose weight. Meditation entails connecting one’s mind with the body. With this, enables one to understand how the body and the mind work. This increased level of understanding the body and mind is an important tool that one can use to lose weight through understanding his feeding habits.

Benefits Of meditation For Weight Loss

Losing weight through mediation is a process that will take time to show results and with regular practice, one is able to lose weight and even maintain the body of their choice. Here are a few benefits to this.

Maintainable Weight Loss                      

A review study carried out in the year 2017 showed that mindfulness meditation (that directs one to think of where they are and what they are doing and how that makes them feel) aided the gradual weight loss and fluctuating eating habits. It enables one to not judge himself even as he reviews their body size and eating habits. People who practice meditation in pursuit of weight loss are known to maintain their new bodies than any other dieters.

Meditation For Weight Loss

Less Shame And Guilt

Practicing mindfulness meditation enables one to be aware of their feelings. It can be very effective for restraining stress eating which leads to increased body weight. This is because it focuses one on being aware of his feelings and thoughts and so when stressed and one opts for stress eating, the mind will tell the person that the reason he is eating is because of the stress and not hunger and that person will avoid that, hence controlled eating habits. This in return will save the person from feelings of guilt that they allowed the stress they were going through getting in the way of their dream body size.

How To Meditate For Weight Loss

Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and hold your breath in for a short while. Exhale.  Breathe consciously while focusing your thoughts on your breathing in and out. If the mind wanders, try and bring your thoughts back. Imagine the body you want to have as you continue listening to your breathing. Do this for about ten minutes.

In Summary

  As you finish up, realize how easily your mind wandered off and acknowledge how you brought it back to your breathing. This will let you know that you are in charge of your body and you can control it to what you want it to be. With frequent practice, this will feel normal and natural.

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