Meditation For Social Anxiety


In meditation, mindfulness techniques can be very helpful in managing social anxiety. Mindfulness mainly teaches one on how to reach their inner self and be aware of their feelings and thoughts without knowing how to react to them.


For this practice to be a success, it needs to be done regularly for a period of around ten to forty minutes. Meditation can be done once in a day or even several times in a day depending on the goals of the meditator. It is good for one place a reminder in the office or in the house where they meditate from to remind them of the time of meditating. It is good for one before doing this practice to find a peaceful environment. Then, choose a comfortable posture to allow them to meditate without any discomfort as it may affect the concentration level.

One can also opt to sit on the ground for better meditation exercise while crossing their legs. Others may choose to sit down either on a chair or on a meditating cushion. This allows their knees to bend in a comfortable and relaxed way. Remember to wear clothes that do not make you strain or make you feel incomplete.

You should choose a meditating time that you will be free and not inconvenience any other person and be free from any distractions. You may switch off the TV and your cellphone to avoid any distractions. Let any other person who is around that environment to be aware that you are meditation and that you want free time and do not want any disturbances from them.


This can be conducted by meditation teacher and doctor based on an assessment to know whether the person is under any medication that can lead to social anxiety or even conduct a self-questionnaire test to check for on any symptoms of social anxiety. Take the results from the doctor for review before opening it see if they are making you anxious.

Social anxiety caused by many distracting thoughts that are distressing and making one have the fear feeling. If only you can choose to push the annoying thoughts out of mind completely without making the situation worse it can be very encouraging. There is the cognitive therapy that teaches people to train their brains to treat these thoughts with an unpleasant way to get rid of them. The best way to do this practice is to pay concentration on the present moment with interest without any judgment and not focusing on past events.

Doing mindfulness for social anxiety is the meditation that is done while interacting with other people or around other people. This is to train ourselves to get out of ourselves and get to the present moment instead of paying the concentration on our thoughts and ourselves. The mind trained to learn and treat these thoughts as unimportant noises instead of assessing the thoughts and appearance and guessing of what the others are thinking of us. 

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