Practice Meditation For Panic Attacks

Life is full of anxiety and fear and it is very normal. According to science, a panic attack is an intense attack of fear or anxiety where the heart beats so fast and one may experience difficulties in breathing and feel as if he is dying. They just strike from nowhere without any sign. Often doctors prescribe meditation for panic attacks.

Panic Attack: Signs And Symptoms

Practice Meditation For Panic Attacks
Practice Meditation For Panic Attacks

There are different symptoms to show that one is having a panic attack. Experiencing difficulties in breathing that may lead to suffocation and heartbeats increasing rapidly. One may have chest pains accompanied by chocking and feeling very uncomfortable from the surrounding. Even a lot of sweating and stomach upset are the results of unexplained panic attacks. One may feel as if they are dying and losing control over the body.

Causes Of Panic Attacks

It has not been well known what exactly caused a panic attack as it happens so fast without anyone having an idea. But there are a few factors that play a major role in panic attacks. One of the causes of the panic attack is that it can be genetic such that it was passed from your parents to you through the genes. It can also because of severe and regular stress that leads to an increase of heartbeat. Lastly change in the way one’s brain functions can highly affect the whole functionality of the body that can lead to a sudden panic attack.

People who have problems with anxiety can frequently experience unnecessary worries and worrying is a major cause of the panic attack. With regular meditation, you can help relax your mind. The relaxation can be earned with help of someone or just be learned individually which helps one to slow down thoughts hence letting go of anxiety which caused stress.

Meditation For Panic Attacks

Meditation is one of the best relaxation techniques, say the experts. In this one, the anxiety thoughts about the future or the past are all brought to the current moment. Here the meditator notices the rise of thoughts through the mind without paying attention or judging any of them. By letting these thoughts to pass without judging them, it can make you develop a new perspective to fear or anxious thoughts.

It is very simple to meditate these feelings and emotions away. Set around ten minutes aside to meditate. And you will soon grow it into a habit. Post that, you can increase the meditation duration gradually to your preferred duration. Start by selecting the right and comfortable environment away from disturbances. Sit or lie down in the best comfortable posture you can have. The posture should allow you to fold your legs without any struggle and also make you be comfortable even if you stay in it for long hours.

Practice Meditation For Panic Attacks
Practice Meditation For Panic Attacks

Then slowly close the eyes and make your breathing to be free and do not control it. Concentrate on how you feel like the air travel in the body as you inhale it and fill your belly. Then slowly notice your thoughts and allow the ideas to flow out of the mind without concentration on any of them or judging them. When the mind wanders away from the thoughts take it back.

This action makes the mind relax taking away the anxiety and fear of feeling that cause stress and makes the body and the mind to be freer. This, in turn, lowers the chances of one experiencing some panic attacks.

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