Fear is sometimes seen as an abbreviation for False Experiences Appearing Real. It shows itself so much when people are at work. People who have been faced by fear while at work have tried so many practices to help them out with their fear and have confirmed that meditation does help in controlling fear. It is something that all of us can adopt because it works. Through mindfulness meditation due to the hectic lifestyles that we lead, we can relax our bodies and minds of the stress we put it under.

The human brain is an interesting part of the body. It focuses on fear to ensure survival. During the ancient times, fearing a rustling of a bush was justified because there could have been a lion out there coming to you. Times have changed, and today, people are threatened by things like a traffic jam, phone going off, reporting late for work and our kids.

Meditation can relax a mind that undergoes such mixed feelings daily. It helps people distinguish between false threat and real ones that need the actions of the person. There are several types of meditation people can use to fight fear, and they have different effects on it. Meditation deals with the part of our mind that feels the need to control everything. People are told to fight fear every time that it comes, but meditators choose a different approach.

When meditating for fear, one chooses to move closer to the truth. Meditation allows you to choose and find the truth and sympathy for yourself while at it.

Types of meditation for fear

Qigong Meditation

This is Traditional Chinese medicine. In the Chinese tradition, it is believed that fear is kept in the kidneys. In the West, fear-related thoughts are believed to be just chemical and electrical signals that are activated through complex communication networks in the cells of a human. With time, these pathways are formed and become permanent, causing the same reaction whenever a threat is detected. So whenever the brain senses a threat, that could be real or not, it goes to the same pathway causing the same reaction. Trying to keep positive thoughts can help one fight fear.

To practice Qigong Meditation’ sit with your body relaxed and have your hands placed over your kidney as your brain pictures them. Close your eyes as you inhale and imagine how dark and calm your kidneys this so sometimes. Now clasp your hands over your knees as you breathe out and open your eyes.

Meditation for fear                                           

Meditation for fear needs to be practical, and therefore meditation teaches one on how to deal with thoughts of fear positively. Whenever you feel afraid, allow the feeling to stay instead of running away from it. Breathe as you face your feelings of fear with inquisitiveness. Sit down and try the breathing exercise for like 15 times.

Chris Bertish, who is a Wave surfer says that whenever fear comes, it is always trying to tell you that this is the perfect time to do what you are trying to do for your body is ready for a positive outcome. Once you realize that fear is just but an emotion, you will be able to do extraordinary things.

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