Meditation for dummies; Meditation is an ancient practice that helps relieve all sorts of diseases brought by modern life. Meditations is to be practiced by anyone because all one needs in the meditation process are their ability to direct their attention towards one specific thing. Your brain capacity is the most influential aspect of meditation. It is developed through mindfulness meditation. One of the best mindfulness meditations is mindfulness of breath. Different people meditate for different reasons.


How to prepare for meditation

Meditation does not require any special equipment; hence this makes it very easy to practice. All one needs is their space. Get a meditation cushion or chair and place it in your quiet, clean meditation spot. Ensure that you are in loose clothes to increase comfort during the practice and also that you are dressed appropriately depending on the weather. When cold, carry your meditation blanket or shawl with you.

How to open your body, mind, and spirit to meditation

Meditation engages all the three main parts that make up a human being which is the body, mind, and spirit. There are ways in which one can use to engage all these parts. Here are the tips;

Learn how you can relax your body by trying out a few relaxation practices. Try different sitting positions until you get one that you can sit and be comfortable for more than 10 minutes. Try out a few basic meditation techniques such as mindfulness, Mantra, Visualization, and select one that you can maintain for a month or more.


Other Meditation Forms: Meditation For Dummies

Join a meditation group or use a teacher to take you through meditation. It is also important that you share your interests in meditation to your loved one and ensure that they are fine with you practicing it anywhere near them and at home. Think of the many occasions that get your mind stressed out and think of the power of meditation that helps you deal with your mind. Think of the health benefits derived from meditation that have been proven scientifically.

Think of what makes you practice meditation and create time every day to practice. It is important that one leads a healthy lifestyle which involves eating well, exercising, avoiding substance use and reduce TV time. It is important that you engage your mind in exciting and mind sharpening activities. Reading spiritual books is also very important because it connects you to a divine world.

Popular Meditation Techniques

Most of the meditation techniques are very simple. Some of the techniques include;

Reciting a mantra over and over again- this ensures that your mind is concentrated on your mantra recitation.

Follow and pay attention to your breathing- think of how breathing makes your body react.

Pay attention to the feelings in your body- allow your mind to think of what it feels being in that environment. Think of the quietness and calmness around you.

Visualize. This involves imagining a peaceful and appealing environment. Think of the beauty that one can see in the image.

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