Meditation For Cats

Meditation for Cats involves these domesticated carnivorous cat pets. Cats have more nerve cells than humans. Therefore meditation for cats is at a different level from that of human beings. They have a special way in which they love to meditate and relax their body. Cats meditate by lying stretched on the floor in a certain motionless posture gazing and paying their attention to something. Focusing is not an issue with the cats and human beings can get a thing from them on how to pay attention to a single situation without the disruptions. 

Meditation for Cats

Cats prove themselves to be the masters of meditation by the way they can strive in any of environment they are put to. They stay stress-free in the environment not wondering where to get food, where to sleep or where to hunt for prey. They lie on the floor bad relax having no care of the world. Am not saying that they are not disrupted, they are easily disrupted but when it comes to paying attention to something they maintain the focus.

How Cats Meditate

Cats use their purring ability as a form of chanting to achieve calmness and relieve themselves of stress. This is another reason why cats are better at meditating as compared to people since human beings do not purr.  Cats are better at meditating since they only do what makes them feel happy. They do not put any concentration on stuff that does not bring joy to them. They can put their attention at something. This is why they are masters at meditating, and human beings are not since we are majorly driven by feelings. 

Even when they are chasing a mouse in the house, they are making themselves happy as they can stop and roll on the floor for a minute then continue. People with paying attention while meditating can take a cat with themselves to the meditating room to keep them focused by looking at how cats do it. They can make themselves be focused on meditating the same way cats do.


With having cats in the meditation room they really up to your levels of meditation since they the masters in focusing they can maintain their focus at something for the longest time without any disruption. When one gets distracted while meditating him can look at how the cat is maintaining their focus and help them stay focused. Cats lose their interest at something easily, and this helps one to up their game for meditation. One can study their cat’s behavior for a week, and realize that cats lose their routine of things very easily.


With this research, people can up their meditation by changing their routine. This leads to better results. If you always meditate after taking your breakfast, it is good to try to meditate right after leaving the bed. The way cats relax and maintain disruption Free State can make a person maintain the same state. As you all know, a relaxed mind is a key thing in meditating. This relaxation and silence can make a meditation process a huge success.

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