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Meditation For Beginners: Top 3 Techniques You Must Learn

meditation for beginners

A mantra is basically a single word or sentence which you will need to repeat over and over again. The experts also used to stare at a candle flame, or a burning fire sound while listening to a deep relaxation gong. It’s ok if you will feel it’s hard for you at the beginning, so if you meditate for a few minutes only, don’t feel bad about it. This method is one of the best for beginners who really want to improve concentration. Focus your energy and awareness on a certain object every time you may feel your mind is out of focus. 

Calming Mindfulness Meditation 101

Another technique Buddhists like to use is: “Mindfulness Meditation”. It helps to better focus your mind on what’s most important and relevant to you. Other thoughts that might cause you to lose focus will disappear. It helps practitioners to become less judging and empower themselves with awareness each and every time they practice this method.

A Man Meditating Focus Meditation
A Man Meditating Focus Meditation

There are many advantages of practicing mindfulness meditation for beginners such as opening your chakras to receive positive thoughts and open your heart to achieve much love and feelings. With practice, the practitioner will start to sense energies and better understand other people’s behaviors.

A Daily Meditation For Prayers And Believers

One secret of becoming a better version of yourself is to find your inner peace. Buddhist monks believe that the way to start is by practicing daily meditation techniques that help to cleanse your spirit and soul. This way, the practitioner strengthens his qi energy and transforms negative thoughts into positive ones.

A Daily Meditation For Prayers
A Daily Meditation For Prayers

How Can You Meditate with This Super Simple Technique?

If this is your first time, sit or lie comfortably. It will be a good idea to use a comfortable cushion or even a meditation chair.

Next, close your eyes and empty your mind. If you find it hard, try using cooling eye masks.

Breath naturally and focus on a big white light coming up from the space.

Now it’s about time to focus your attention on the way you breathe. Feel each of your body parts for each inhalation and exhalation you make. Let your body parts become relax and loose by each breath you take.

Repeat this technique for a few minutes every day and then try to increase the meditation duration. If possible, try to practice 20 minutes a day.

Good luck!

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