Awareness meditation can be defined as any practice that assists one in focusing on the mind and relaxes the body. People meditate in pursuit of healing, gaining energy, cultivating kindness, and increasing awareness. Awareness is sensing everything around us. When most people hear of meditation, they only think of sitting and thinking. Meditation can be practiced when one is sitting, walking, eating and even showering. It is simply a practice of awareness. The simplest forms of meditation exist, but they can take years for one to master them.


Meditation aims at changing the way the mind thinks and tuning it, leading to increased awareness. With awareness, you can connect to the world and people around you. For one to be able to attain awareness, you need to be less busy. When free and still, you can connect with the world better. In the West, most people meditate to find peace and not awareness.

Meditation for awareness styles

Sitting meditation

Whenever people talk of meditation position, most of us visualize a person seated upright with their legs crossed in a lotus position. Vipassana is an example of sitting meditation. It is a Buddhist practice that starts with a person focusing on their breathing. Then, you focus on the feelings in the body. The mind notices the feelings outside and inside the body. The main goal of practicing Vipassana is to achieve freedom. The good thing about this meditation is that it can be performed anywhere where one can sit. Through sitting meditation, one achieves awareness rather quickly. It is the fastest way that one can use to make clear decisions without the worry of the unknown that comes with the decision.

Active meditation: Awareness Meditation

This involves meditating when the body is in motion.  Examples include yoga, ecstatic dance, and walking meditation. When you focus your mind on the body motion, you notice your body shapes and the mind discovers a pattern hence receiving awareness that leads to a fuller life. This meditation practice can be synchronized with activities that we do daily. There is increased energy in the body when we focus our attention on our emotions. It helps you to make a clear decision and stick by it, enables one to gain the courage to express themselves.


Lucid meditation: Awareness Meditation

Generally, this kind of meditation focuses on the brain’s attention on the travels of our consciousness. In the West, it is believed that consciousness cannot be separated from the physical body.Examples of lucid meditation include visualization and dreaming. The most common form of visualization imagines a place in nature that you love and feel safe.

Moreoever, practicing lucid meditation fulfills different purposes in people’s lives such as relaxing, healing and awareness. All the places people travel to during. Also, Lucid meditation is usually beyond the imagination. By allowing the consciousness to travel, you will find yourself travelling to the heart of our body. It leads you on your destiny path.

Levels of awareness

Awareness of our senses. We recognize what our body feels

Awareness of Judgment

Interactive Awareness- entails being aware of where you are and who you are

Awareness with Acceptance

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