Meditation For Ascension

Meditation for Ascension, main goals are enlightenment, self-realization, and Nirvana. It is the core goal as to why people meditate. It is believed that ascension is the highest level of thinking that exists in human beings.  Ascension can create a permanent relation between the divine and a human’s higher self. Ascension meditation gives one the chance to experience oneness with all life. One becomes their highest self through this meditation and gains complete powers spiritually as well as creative powers. It is believed that when one is meditating, they experience a transformation from the common physical awareness to infinite spiritual awareness. Through careful reflection, the meditator gains access, through the spiritual body, to higher spiritual worlds.

The person meditating is believed to become the hand of the Divine which is a tool for universal love, light, knowledge, and power.

Meditation For Ascension

How To Prepare For Ascension Meditation

If you want to Ascend, there are a few things that you need to do in order to be ready for ascension meditation. You must involve yourself in sessions of prayers and deliberation on a daily basis. This practice is very important for it prepares your spiritual body for the experience ahead. It is important that the spiritual body is nourished and strong enough to take in the ascension experience. It also ensures that you maintain contact with your spiritual body in the present time.

It is important that you learn on how to maintain your concentration on your inner spiritual body throughout the day. This prepares your body and brain to be ready for the ascension since, during ascension, the brain should focus on the spiritual body only.

It is important that you detach yourself from all the worldly pleasures. This type of meditation is a spiritual and a religious one. Therefore, all the worldly pleasures should be forgone as one prepares for this experience. If you give more attention and time to what you are lacking or what your body desires are, there are great chances that you will not attain the full state of ascension since the worldly weight will be too heavy for you to bear.

Ascension is a very personal experience since everyone is unique in their own ways, although there are similarities that are observed with everyone.  People who have stronger emotional energy experience ascension from a more emotional point of view while those with strong mental energy experience ascension with less emotion.

Meditation For Ascension

Meditation For Ascension                                               

When meditating for ascension, it is important to note that it is not all full of joy and ecstasy since it’s only a few people who can ascend continuously. As you start to ascend, you will start to feel more at peace and you will also need to be ready to face all your fears since they will start to show themselves here.

Most people do not know how to ascend and this makes it very difficult for most people to understand the experience one had when ascending. It is an internal experience and may cause one to want to be alone and spend time with nature.

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