Meditation Facts: All You Need To Know Before You Start

Just like any other field has gift facts, meditation to has got its own facts.  It is one activity that has proven so hard to explain since it covers such a wide range of different activities in different parts of the world.  In most cultures, it is defined as an activity aimed at training one to focus their attention on a specific thing or to reduce stress resulting in relaxation. 

In the dictionary, meditation is defined as the act of focusing on one thing only and engaging in a mental exercise with the purpose of reaching an amplified spiritual consciousness level.On the scholarly point of view, Bond et al defined meditation as the utilization of an explained technique, intentional relaxation, and a self-induced mode.

Meditation Facts
Meditation Facts

Forms And Facts


In the West, meditation has been divided into two broad categories which are focused and mindfulness meditation. 

Focused meditation-This meditation entails a person voluntarily focusing their attention on a specific object such as the flame of a candle or focusing on an activity such as breathing or reciting a mantra.

Open monitoring meditation, also known as mindfulness concentration involves the reactive monitoring of an activity from a moment to another.  Here, one takes note of the thoughts that came and leave the mind.


The Inspirational meditation techniques recommend the practice to be carried out for 20 minutes, two times a day. Other techniques suggest lesser time, especially for meditation beginners. Richard Davidson quoted research that stated that meditation benefits can be achieved within the first 8minutes into the practice although some meditators go for longer time especially when on a retreat. Others find it best that they carry out the practice early in the morning before dawn.


For you to meditate effectively, you need to be seated in a position that is comfortable for your body in order to avoid distraction coming from discomforts experienced by the body. The back needs to be upright to allow smooth breathing and also to avoid spinal injuries and backaches. The hands need to be placed where they are most comfortable. The most popular meditation positions in the Buddhism traditions are the Asanas,  Full- lotus, half-lotus, Seiza and kneeling.

meditation facts
Meditation Facts

Use Of Prayer Beads: Meditation Facts

In most religions, there are beads that are in use in the act of worship. There is the rosary, for the Catholics and the Mala Beads for the Hindu. These prayer beads are tools in spiritual meditation. A string links them together.  Each bead is equal to one recite of a mantra or prayer until the person goes all the way around the prayer bead.

Using A Narrative: Meditation Facts

Therefore, this could be a mantra. Richard Davidson explained that having a mantra that one recites during meditation helps maintain a daily routine. He gave an example of himself on how he gets to researching and studying where he says that ‘not mainly for my benefit, but for the benefit of others.

Finally, it is important to note that there are several meditation criticisms.Some say that it has been tarnished for commercial gain by celebrities and that it encourages narcissistic behaviors.

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