3 Different Types Of Meditation Exercises

When one is about to go into sport competition, there must be a number of preparation exercises that they must go through to ensure that their bodies are up to the test. Similarly, there are so many meditation exercises that one needs to carry out on a regular routine; daily or weekly, in order to be better at meditation. Meditation is an exercise performed in pursuit of improved consciousness.

There is a direct relationship between spending time with the mind and increased inner peace. Increasing meditation exercises leads to increased peace of mind and the body as well.

In the Olympics, participants practice by running daily on high attitudes to prepare their bodies to breathe under high speed and so does this practice require exercises in order to strengthen the consciousness power.

Different Types Of Meditation Exercises
Different Types Of Meditation Exercises

Different Types Of Meditation Exercises

Breathing Exercise                                         

Breathing is one of the best ways to calm a person.Taking deep in-and-out- breaths calm one’s nerves and do away with anxiety. As one breathes in, tenses the body and a ‘breathe out’ relaxes it. During this exercise, allow the breathing to take charge and lead the body and mind by focusing your thoughts and feelings to the breathing.

Continue this exercise until your whole body feels calm and then open your eyes. One can use this breathing exercise to relax people in so many fields. An example is when one is to give a speech. Most people are always afraid of standing before people and giving speeches.

Such anxieties and fears can be fought through the breathing exercise. It is also used in sports where it is aimed at increasing the consciousness skills of the participants.

Mindful Awareness Exercise

This exercise works best on a daily basis. Find something that you do on a daily basis and use it for this awareness exercise. One of the most used routines is showering. As people bath every day, they use that time to meditate. This practice is aimed at focusing your thoughts to something specific as your body is in motion. Feel the warmth of the water as it runs down your skin. Another daily routine that can be used is when drinking water.

Listen to the sound of the water as it comes out of the dispenser and into the glass. Synchronize your thoughts with the sound produced. As you take your first sip of the cold water, allow your feelings to be integrated with the feel of the water as it goes down the gut into the stomach leaving behind chills of coldness and satisfaction.

Visualization Exercise

Different Types Of Meditation Exercises
Different Types Of Meditation Exercises

This exercise is all about imagination. It entails transforming your imagination into reality in your mind and letting your body be aware of the feeling. It aids in the creation of a good relationship with people around you with a positive and relaxed mind.

The exquisiteness of these exercises is that they do not require the practitioner to use much energy or put in so much effort. The more the mind id trained through these exercises, the more prepared one is for life and all the stones it keeps on tossing our way.

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