When one is meditating, the slightest sounds can make them distracted and lower their concentration level. You may be very focused on meditating but a slight noise from the surroundings may make you lose the concentration. To help you cope with this problem earplugs are used to prevent unnecessary noise from entering the ears. In an ideal world, one wants to be able to concentrate during meditation regardless of the environment.


There are a few terminologies to put much interest when buying earplugs. The term dB which is used to stand for Decibel which is used as the measurement for sound intensity.  It is the measurement scale which indicates the intensity of the sound. The second terminology to look at is the NRR which in full means Noise Reduction Rating. This shows the amount of the sound it will reduce by use of rates. The higher the rating is the more the sound it blocks.


There are several varieties of earplugs that one can have a selection from. There are the disposable earplugs which one can dispose of after meditating. you can only use them once. Earplugs are cheap to buy. there is no need for washing them since they are disposable immediately after use. They can shape to the shape of the ear canal of a person as the earplugs are made up of sponge which is very flexible.

Features of the Earplugs

They are very light weighted and they do not strain the ear canal since they are made of sponge. They have a few disadvantages as they are very expensive since they have to be bought over and over again. Though they are cheap to buy, once they are bought each time one wants to make use of them, in the long run, they will not be cost-effective.

They are not environmental friendly as they are disposed of once they are used. Them being made of sponge they may get lose and allow the unnecessary sound to get in the ear which may lead to distraction and some may be tiresome to put one for they have to be rolled in with the fingers to allow the sponge to get into the ears.

The second type of the earplugs is the reusable earplugs which they are cleaned after use then stored and be used again when need be. They do not require to be bought each time they need to be used. They are made of silicon hence easy to use as the slide into the earplugs easily. Also, them having advantages they have some disadvantages. They are more expensive to buy than the disposable ones and they need to be cleaned once they are used.

Viriita earplugs

Bememo Earplugs

Loop Earplugs


When one is ready to meditate, with clean hands insert the earplugs in the ear canal to avoid any infection from bacteria.  If they do not fit in well try inserting them from another angle. This will give you a silent environment to allow you to meditate in peace giving a more successful process. Dispose of them well after use and for the reusable ones clean them then put them in a clean container and store the safe.

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