Meditation Dangers


Meditation is the practice where a person uses the techniques of focusing the mind and bringing all the attention in one situation to achieve mental stability. It has been proven that regular meditation has a great number of benefits making the life of a person better in both health and mind. It is a great way of healing the inner being and reliving one-off stress and bringing them more joy and happiness. The more one meditates, the healthier they become. Meditation develops emotional intelligence and lowers blood pressure. 

Though meditation has several benefits, it also has some negative effects. Too much as everything is dangerous and meditation is not exceptional. Too much meditation can be harmful. In the recent past, there has been a lot of researches about meditation, and most of them only researched the benefits of meditation, ignoring the side effects. Though it gives a person another perspective about situations it also gives them other side effects when it is done excessively.

SIDE EFFECTS OF MEDITATION                                         

Many people turn to meditation to be more open-minded, but this isn’t the case as it may make one be a negative thinker. In a study conducted two-three years ago, it was found out that a lot of people who conducted meditation had irrational and delusional thoughts rather than having clear thoughts. Mindfulness meditation is well known for removing both mental and physical pain and many negative feelings from the mind of a person. But it may not be able to remove heavy negativity which may make one have a lot of negativity.

Meditation is fully at work only when it is being practiced regularly. Once it stops, the effects of meditation disappear leaving the side effects. It is known that meditation effects are permanent and once you stop meditating the effects become more severe. Meditation is just like sports where when one stops practicing, and the skill starts disappearing so you will have to continue regularly to make the skills sustainable. 

The motivation may fly out of mind making one-stop meditating. For people who have problems in making work complete meditation may be the same for them. Scientists have shown that laziness can be a great cause of demotivation and make you lose interest even to activities and the things that you previously loved. This loss of interest may make one be a non-attachable in activities and lose interest in other people and activities. 

One may experience some other physical side effects. Meditation has been a mental and emotional toll and it has some side effects. One may feel their body systems are failing and may experience pain, high blood pressure, headaches, and fatigue. Another side effect of meditation is making a person become an antisocial being. Meditation makes one be in touch with their inner selves but may affect the interaction level and not in a good way. Someone may feel socially impaired having difficulties in behaving with other people in a normal way due to intensive meditation.

Too much meditation can also lead to headaches. Meditation is a struggle in mind trying to change the mental state, but the inner self-ego may not be willing to allow the mental change. The mind is willing to change, but the ego cannot let go off. This normally creates a tension in the mind that may cause headaches.

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