Meditation Cushion: Meditation Accessories To Use

When it comes to comfortable meditation process, meditation cushions can make all the difference for both the experts and beginners.

Putting in mind how tiresome it is to sit still for around ten minutes, now assume of sitting on the floor without any support, it isn’t going to inspire you any bit. The same may one needs to have a good and comfortable bed for good and sweet sleep, it is the same with meditation.

For one to establish a consistent and successful mediation practice, a high-quality meditation cushion is a must. The meditation cushions, in this case, make meditation that takes longer time not only to be manageable but very comfortable and fruitful.

Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation provides both benefits to the body and the soul like reducing stresses, improvising the sleep, enhancing and improving the concentrations and slow effects of aging. By meditating one can think about their general life quality hence making one to change the way they feel about themselves and their lives.

For you to reach the soul and body in the right way one needs to be seated in the right alignment that supports the entire body and the spine but without you having the right sitting cushion and alignment you will negatively focus on the pain and discomfort that you are facing.

Meditation Cushion: Meditation Accessories To Use

Comfort During Meditation

How can you get the best support that is required to prevent backaches and pains when meditating? Through cushions? Yes and not just any normal cushion but by use of the meditating cushion which makes it easy to meditate as it gives you the right sitting posture to hold your knees and spine in the right alignment.

When seated in the right position blood can flow properly to your feet and to the other parts of the body even when seated for a longer period of time for deeper and maximum amounts of benefits.

TYPES OF MEDITATION CUSHIONS                         

When it comes to cushions there are several types but the most commonly used cushions are zafu cushions and the zabuton cushions.

Zafu cushions are generally rounded and elevated pillows shaped cushions. They provide the knees with support by lifting the pelvis off the ground. It not good to meditate while seated on the floor for it is not recommended for its uncomfortable and unhealthy too. The second type of cushion is the zabuton cushion. It is similar to the zafu cushion but not elevated.

It’s a flattened cushion and larger than the zafu. Most practice people do is to put the zafu on top of the zabuton cushion for a more comfortable experience.

Meditation Cushion: Meditation Accessories To Use


Different types of meditating cushion are made to facilitate different types of meditating so it is good to select the right cushion to serve the intended purpose.

Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind in selecting the right meditating cushion. Height determines how high off the ground you want to be for more comfort.

The shape is the second factor to be put into consideration as different shapes are intended for different mediating positions.

The material making the cushion should be soft for comfort but durable to last longer.

Lastly, the color of the cushion is also important as it is believed that colors impact different moods energy while meditating.

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