A coach can be described as a trainer. Some people find it hard to meditate on there and so they opt to get a coach to guide them through their meditation sessions. This is especially good for meditation beginners, people with low self-esteem and for people who lose their focus easily. However, this does not mean that any other person cannot get a coach to lead them through their meditation session. Performing a meditation with the guide of a meditation teacher can immensely enhance the benefits that you derive from the meditation practice. An experienced coach can assist you to deepen your meditation and lead you on to depths you may never get on your own.

How does coaching work?

A coach will guide you through your meditation and assist you to maintain and deepen it. He might lead you through setting up structures that prepare you for your daily meditation. Through guiding you, you both may identify the obstacles that prevent you from meditating effectively and come up with a solution to those problems. It is important to have awareness throughout the day. A coach can assist you in becoming more mindful throughout the day.

This can only be possible when you practice meditation daily, and a coach can help you achieve that. The coach helps you set achievable expectation and goals and encourage you to commit to your meditation wholeheartedly and teaches you how to forgive yourself in cases where you go back to your old place. Meditation is very important for it makes one remain focused, energized and relaxed. It should be practiced daily for better results, and a coach can help you by keeping you accountable where they check-in to see how your meditation went and how your day was.

How to perform a guided meditation

This could be physical coaching or virtual coaching. The coach will ask you to sit comfortably and tell you to close your eyes or look at the screen in the case of virtual coaching. The coach will then guide you through mindfulness meditation. This entails focusing your attention on a few things, one at a time as instructed by your coach.

In most cases, the coach will ask you to focus on your breathing as you inhale and exhale. This can be done for a while until your attention is all concentrated on your breathing. He will then ask you to focus on the sensations around you. This entails focusing on the feelings that you are feeling in the different parts of your body. As you do this, you will notice that your thoughts will drift away. The coach will lead you through noticing that your thoughts have wandered off and on how to bring them back to your mindfulness meditation.

The coach will also lead you through a sensory exercise. This involves imagining things that make you feel at peace or listening to some nice music that soothes you. The last bit of the coaching entails Mantra chanting, which can be done in the mentally or verbally. You will end your session by opening your eyes.

Take into notice how your body and mind feel after such a session.

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