When meditating, it is important to be in a comfortable state for efficient and for the process to be successful. It is god and very recommended for one to wear soft and free clothing so that they do not stress any part of the body. Comfort is one of major thing required for a successive meditation for it makes it easy for one to stay in a focused state. The clothing should also be decent. Imagine one meditating in public place, and the clothing is not decent enough, think of how the people around you feel when they see you meditate. For this reason, the clothes should make you feel confident and also make people around you comfortable.


Choose appropriate clothing that makes you feel very comfortable and very confident in it. This increases the level of concentration and also makes one feel free. Be in loose clothing to allow easy air circulation to prevent sweating and also make them breathe with ease. Tight clothes may make one feel as if some parts of the body are being strained and this may lead to less concentration. Make a point of avoiding heavy and weird clothing as this may make one start sweating or even lower their level of confidence which in turn reduces concentration rates.

It is good for a passionate meditator to decide on particular clothing to be used for meditating. As this automatically sets the mind to meditating once you wear the outfit. One may also decide to settle on a particular color for the outfit as they have a different meaning, and also they bring out different moods and energy from people. The colors of the clothes should be in relation to the goals of meditating. Like a red being the most powerful color, it means more of physical thing and strength while the orange encourages communication.


Clothing can be defined as covering of the body. Clothing is done to serve different reasons, both socially and functionally. It can be done to protect the human body against extreme weather conditions. It can also be used to replicate an individual’s personality together with their culture as different cultures have different clothing for different occasions.  Clothing in the recent past has been used as a reflection of the newest fashion in the world which are changing according to seasons of the year. Lastly, it can be used as an advertisement platform as some details about a certain business can be printed on the cloth and when one wears it, the message is passed to a multitude of customers and potential consumers of the product.


Cloth is a reflection of person personality as we wear clothes for different activities with a different purpose. With meditation, there is no difference. There are different types of meditating, and each has a different type of clothing. In yoga meditation, the clothe worn is a soft cloth with loose pants for easy movements. Zen meditation recommends the use of robes a sign of commitment to Buddhism teachings. Also, there is the Kurtas clothes. They are Indian shirts that are very comfortable. These are great for simple meditations.

Meditation Yoga Clothing Unisex Size M

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Buddhist Nun Clothing Meditation
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