Meditation Circle


Life is full of different experiences. Today, we are all happy and so positive about life and then boom! Something happens, and it brings us down, and we are depressed and sad. Meditation helps to keep one in balance with how life keeps on playing games on us. In Buddhism, mindfulness meditation is the ability of the brain to be able to concentrate and keep the concentration. It is an ability that has to be developed since is not something that is not always present. Consciousness, on the other hand, is a constantly present process that allows the mind to record the experience. Whether focusing on an object or visualizing an object, our consciousness is always there unlike mindfulness.


The meditation circle is also known as the meditation group. It is like those AA meetings that people are fighting with addictions and released convicts attend. These meetings help them maintain their sobriety and keep them in check. What happens in the meetings is this; they sit and take turns in explaining how their week has been, the hardships they went through, the temptation they came through and how they fought them. The testimony of one person helps strengthen another. These meetings help them get friends that are going through a similar problem together, and they come together to strengthen one another.

The meditation circle works similarly. It entails a group of people meeting up and meditating together. The fact that you got someone next to you doing the same thing gives you the strength to go through the practice. A meditation circle also helps in keeping one accountable for if you miss a meditation practice; your partner realizes that and checks in on you to see why you did not make it for the practice that day.

Many hands make light work. Meditating in a group joins different people from different backgrounds to meditate together in the same reality. Meditating in a group is very powerful despite the time taken because, during the practice, one feels the energy of the minds of the people around you seeking the same goal. In most meditations, people work for inner healing and that of the world around them, and this feels great when you are doing it in a group that as you wish good to be upon them, you know that they also wish good to be on you too. The goal of meditating in a group is to assist bring peace in the world by us being united as a group.

Meditating as a group.                                   

One of the reasons as to why people form meditation circles is so that they can go through meditation together. This, therefore, needs a leader to direct the circle into meditating. When everyone has arrived and is seated, welcomes everyone to the session and says something that encourages the other members of the group. Then, the group is led through a guided meditation where they are encouraged to focus on their breathing, turn their energies inwards and focus on the world around them, realizing the different sounds and noises they can hear from the world around them.

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