Instruments Used in Meditation-MEDITATION CANDLES

Meditation Candles

Fire lit anywhere can be mesmerizing to watch. During camps, people sit around a bonfire and when a photo of that is taken, one can only see one thing, Serenity. Sitting in a room that has got meditation candles placed around and lit, the only experience one experiences is peacefulness and calmness.

Candle meditation was discovered over 2000 years Before Christ. Its actual origin date back to when the fire was first invented. Fire can create a state of reverie since is hypnotic in nature. With the peacefulness candlelight produces, makes it so effective for meditation. Candle meditation is also known as Trataka.

Meditation Candles
Meditation Candles

Benefits Of Meditation Candle      

Based on science, it is believed that the movements of the eyes can show your thinking process. When fully concentrated on a single object, your eye movement reduced to that one specific object. Some of the benefits of meditation candles are stated below.

It strengthens the muscles found around the eyes and can alleviate shortsightedness- this is because the eyes are focused on one thing and without much movement, one gets to know how strong his muscles are. By focusing on a light that is near, your eyes are likely to never suffer from shortsightedness.

It also eliminates Insomnia by increasing the quality of sleep. As said earlier, candlelight has a hypnotic effect and therefore one can use this meditation to increase their chance of sleeping that when one actually sleep, translates to very good sleep.

It clears the mind and increases concentration levels by eliminating distraction. By focusing your attention on one specific thing, in this case the candlelight, there is increased concentration attained. This teaches one to avoid or block out distractors. It also increased mental stability and prevents anxiety.

Meditation Candles: How To Do Trataka

It is one of the easiest meditation practices. It is best done in a fairly dim room so as to increase your focus on the candle flame and keep a comforting atmosphere.

Find a good place and sit comfortably. This could either be on a cushion, chair or on a mat. Ensure that your whole body is comfortable in order to avoid distractions like fidgeting due to the discomfort experienced.

Meditation candles: How To Use The Candle

Place the candle as close as possible to the eye to avoid straining the back and the neck. You can also place the candle a few feet away from you in order to stare at it naturally. It is very important that you use the candle flame with a scent that is linked to your purpose; clarity, sooth or energy. The best-recommended meditation candles are the Beeswax candles that have a natural honey smell.

Take deep, long breaths and then begin to focus on the flame. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the way the flame dances and will start to relax within a few seconds. Your mind will start to wander as you stare at the flickering flame. Acknowledge that and redirect your thoughts to the sight of the flame every time this happens. With time, your thoughts will slow and fade leaving you with an experience of perfection of thoughts where your thoughts are only focused on the candle flame.

Meditation Candles
Meditation Candles
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